Aventador competition by mansory - guide - 2012 lamborghini aventador
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Let’s say you like the styling of the limited edition Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4, the special 50th Anniversary model released in 2013, only 100 Coupé and 100 Roadster were built, each numbered and sold out long before the first customers received their car even today this model demands a premium to obtain because of their small production numbers.

With the ‘regular’ Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 being in production since 2011 and the Aventador Roadster introduced in late 2012 and adding the fact well over 5,000 units have left the factory gates in Sant’Agata by now the odds of buying a second-hand Aventador for a decent price are getting better and better every day and Mansory has the perfect solution for those that like the special LP720-4 styling the Mansory Aventador Competition isn’t a perfect replica of the 50th Anniversary styling, but it did take some serious inspiration from that Lamborghini and added some Mansory flair onto it.

The Mansory Aventador Competition program offers a very extensive list of options to make your Lamborghini Aventador stand out from the crowd the possibilities are almost endless, and are probably only limited by your bank account.

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Mansory doesn’t offer just one front bumper, they have two the Competition I unit is closely inspired by the LP720-4 front bumper but comes in carbon fiber, even the grilles in the intakes are made from carbon fiber note that Mansory delivers these without any clear coat, so you can choose for either a glossy or a satin top coat. If you really want to stand out you’ll go for the Competition II front bumper almost identical to the Competition I unit but now with two additional, vertical fins on either side that make it look even more aggressive.

Most tuners will offer a side sill for the Lamborghini Aventador that is fitted underneath the original unit not Mansory, they offer a complete replacement for the side section of the Aventador with a special fin built in and it comes in visible carbon fiber.

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Probably one of the most expensive parts in the Mansory Competition kit is the rear bumper well it actually replaces the entire rear section below and between the taillights, it even comes with integrated parking sensors and can have an original exhaust fitted if the customer prefers it.

So front bumper, side sills, and rear bumper/diffuser are the base parts of the Mansory Competition for Aventador package and now the list of possible options only starts with a replacement front hood that has indents to mimic air vents either ready to paint or in visible carbon fiber. And the carbon fiber touch continues with rearview mirrors, air vents in front of the windshield, covers for the air intakes on the side, or a complete replacement intake for the side.

Visible carbon fiber on the adjustable air intakes behind the side window, an entire engine cover in carbon fiber, and small vents for the outlets ahead of the rear wheels even a complete carbon fiber roof cover are listed in the Mansory brochure.

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For the rear wing, you have a few options too, the original Mansory Performance wing boasts an angular design, while the High-Performance rear wing took inspiration from the Murciélago Super Veloce if you like the original, adjustable rear wing on your Aventador Mansory is more than happy to replace it with a visible carbon fiber unit too, naturally a sport exhaust is possible too.
Just in case you own a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster doesn’t mean you can’t have some extra carbon fiber Mansory can put this material around the windshield for you, or on the section behind the seats, which is usually glossy black but it looks so much better in carbon fiber, just like the two roof panels Lamborghini offers these in clear carbon fiber too, but if you missed that option on your order, Mansory can do it for you too and while you’re at it you can have a replacement engine cover for the Roadster in carbon fiber too.

Under the engine cover, you can satisfy your carbon fiber dreams even more with an engine surround package containing five pieces, even the engine itself can receive some carbon fiber, just like the X-cross over the V12 opening the front hood and not seeing any carbon fiber can be remedied by Mansory too with a four-part kit.

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Inside your Aventador the possibilities are endless too, Mansory can supply carbon fiber parts for just about any visible part, even the upper door panels and the rear of the seats add some custom floor mats and race pedals to really make a difference.
We all know Mansory from their total modification models like the Carbonado but this Aventador Competition shows that less is more sometimes this kit looks really nice and isn’t completely changing almost every panel on your Aventador with no way to return to factory specs with the Competition kit this shouldn’t be a problem.