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Remember the Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 Dragon Edition we published a few weeks ago? Yes the aqua blue wrapped car that drew quite a crowd at Chelsea Auto Legends in the UK when it was shown to the public … well not everybody loves such a special shade, and while only 10 of these Dragon Edition will be built by Oakley Design as a special order from Refined Marques I guess you’ll have to be quick to add one of them to your collection as the second unit is already finished.

We received the photos of this Dragon Edition 2 of 10 straight from Oakley Design, and we couldn’t be more impressed with this one … just take a look at that amazing Nero Nemesis bodywork, matte black just fits the Lamborghini Aventador like a glove. Add those bright orange brake calipers behind glossy black monoblock HRE wheels and the clear carbon fiber parts Oakley added onto the matte black bodywork and this Raging Bull looks stellar!

If I can see straight the interior of this black beauty features black Alcantara upholstery with orange stitching, a perfect match that recalls the shade of the brake calipers inside, a small detail, but one that does get noticed nonetheless, and remember this is still a very limited edition model, only 10 will be built with the 760 hp power upgrade, the titanium exhaust system showing four round tips instead of the standard square tubes.

We also see carbon fiber air intake surrounds in the front bumper, an extended ‘center wing’ up front, carbon fiber edges on the large side air intakes and naturally the same lightweight material covering the air outlets at the back. But that’s not all, Oakley also puts carbon fiber on the roof and the narrow section above the air intakes behind the side windows and on the glossy rear wing that follows the lines of the original Lamborghini rear wing nicely … some more clear carbon fiber here and there and you end up with a beautiful looking combination of matte black paint and high gloss carbon.

Also note Oakley Design now has a special agreement with Air Harrods to have a helicopter charter pick up VIP clients from all over the UK and several parts of Europe and fly them straight to the Oakley workshop where a helipad was made to accommodate customers flying in.