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On the official SR Auto Group FaceBook account we’ve noticed a few ‘work in progress’ photos of what they called the ‘Project 700’ Lamborghini Aventador, first showing the installation of a PUR Basics Lowering System on a stunning glossy black LP700, after which SR Auto Group showcased the car on a set of stunning looking PUR Wheels with a black center and grey rim.

But they had even more elaborate plans with this Raging Bull … the Project 700 went into a winter mode with a Thule ski box floating above the engine cover of the massive 6.5 Liter V12 Lamborghini, only two photo where published with the grey ski box on the car, which was now rolling on original glossy black Iperione wheels but already showed a PUR Aero rear wing and rear lower diffuser … clearly an intermediate stage.

At that time the Lamborghini was also covered in an absolutely amazing looking matte black vinyl wrap after which she went back into the workshop to be finished completely.

In the end the Project 700 Aventador by SR Auto Group received magnificent PUR 4OUR wheels finished in their Modern Black shade, do note that standard size wheels have been fitted, up front we see 9.5×19 inch units while the rear received 12x20inch ones wearing special Pirelli Sotto Zero rubber in 255/35/19 and 335/30/20 respectively … note that these are in fact Italian made winter tires, perfect for this specific Aventador.

The yellow brake calipers behind these PUR wheels are factory standard, and are in fact the only touch of color remaining on this Nero Nemesis look alike Aventador, as mentioned earlier this Bull came from the factory in a glossy black finish, the matte black dress she is wearing now is a ‘Satin Black Exterior Vinyl’ … which has been applied to the Thule ski box too, the box shows a glossy black Lamborghini script by the way. To make sure the Thule ski box remains firmly fixed on the Lamborghini SR Auto Group used a Thule roof rack attachment and a custom made ‘SR Executive’ rear attachment stand.

I’m sure the Thule ski box on this Project 700 Aventador is the eye catching feature on this Lamborghini, but let’s not forget the beautiful PUR Aero package that has been installed, complete with front lip, side skirts, rear wing, rear deck and lower rear diffuser … all finished in clear carbon fiber which contrasts nicely with the matte black finish on the rest of the bodywork.

Now this Project 700 Wintermode might not be the first Lamborghini Aventador with a ski box installed (we published the LB Bape earlier) but she sure looks very nice in the matte black dress with the PUR Aero kit and PUR Wheels.