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We were all a bit disappointed when the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster didn’t see the light of day at the last Geneva Auto Show, instead Automobili Lamborghini SpA decided to go for a one of a kind, ultra racing look open top Jota edition … which let’s face the facts, doesn’t even offer a roof of any kind.

Still they managed to sell this beauty very quickly, when we were able to see it at the press day in early March 2012 it was already sold to one lucky owner, and as only one will be built, it didn’t leave any options for all those other open top drivers that want a V12 flagship model … sure the Gallardo Spyder and Performante look and drive great, but nothing beats a V12 just inches behind your head howling through a tunnel with the top down.

We did hear the rumor that the Aventador Roadster is 99.99% ready to be built, we’ve even seen the spy shots of the Roadster during testing, a lot of tape was used to try and hide the fact that specific car was not a regular closed coupé edition, but it was obvious there was some kind of removable roof in place on that one, heck there was even talk about an actual Roadster being hiding from the public at the Geneva Auto Show … but that was never officially confirmed.

At the Beijing show the Urus concept SUV was shown and now we will probably have to wait until the Paris Auto Show in September before anything new will be published officially from Automobili Lamborghini SpA … but that doesn’t mean there are people out there that know more about the Aventador Roadster.

If you can go on the information that is currently in the open … totally unconfirmed and unofficial naturally … we could be seeing an Aventador Roadster that doesn’t look too different compared to the current, closed version. Rumor has it the Roadster will be receiving a two-section, carbon fiber roof configuration, which would be a very practical solution in the end … we all remember how much fun it was to put the roof in place on the Murciélago Roadster, especially when it started pouring down.

So putting the roof in place on an Aventador Roadster could become a walk in the park so to say, just put the two lightweight sections back in place, fix them and you are ready to go. If you are able to take the roof with you when driving open top in the Aventador isn’t sure yet, but I think if they go through the hassle of ‘cutting’ the roof in two parts I’m sure it will fit in the front luggage compartment, probably inside a nice, luxurious bag … in Carbon Skin perhaps?

If Automobili Lamborghini SpA is going down this road it could also mean they will leave the glass engine cover of the closed coupé version in place, perhaps a little re-style or something, but it would mean an Aventador Roadster with the top in place wouldn’t look much different to the regular, probably cheaper, closed version at first glance … which might not please future owners of the Roadster.

Naturally keeping the engine cover, and even the regular LP700-4 engine in place for a Roadster version would be a massive cost saving decision for Lamborghini, but will it be enough to convince possible customers to pay a probably steep premium to be able to enjoy open top driving in the Lamborghini V12 flagship model? I would say it will, the experience of driving such an exotic without a roof in place is just priceless anyway, so if you can afford it I wouldn’t hesitate a second to put my order in, even today … so you are sure of getting one of the first customers cars when the Aventador Roadster is introduced.

Just in case you can’t wait it out any longer there is an alternative available, the only minor detail … it’s only a 1/18 scale model, and it is actually a hand built conversion to create what might look like the Aventador Roadster in real life … but even in small scale I must admit the idea this builder had is rather good looking, sure it’s a targa style look, but the windshield surrounds and the section of the roof in front of the engine cover gets a mat black finish … combined with the bright yellow bodywork it looks amazing … and what’s even better : you can get one right now, just get in touch with LamboDIECAST and ask about having one custom made just for you.