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Brand new spy shots featuring the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster have surfaced today, German based car magazine Auto Motor und Sport was able to photograph the open top flagship with little to no tape left to hide the design … and it looks absolutely stunning.

The Aventador Roadster, or Spyder as both names are possible in fact, could be unveiled in Paris in a week, however the production line for the regular Aventador still faces delays today … so in fact nothing has changed over the last months, so there is no room for the production of the Aventador Roadster in Sant’Agata.

This would mean we will not be seeing the V12 topless queen of Bulls next week (most likely we’ll be getting another limited edition Gallardo model to keep the production of the V10 running until a successor takes over in 2014) but once again the unveil of the by now long awaited top of the line open model could be postponed until the March 2013 Geneva Auto Show … or Lamborghini could go for the NAIAS in Detroit in a few months … remember the Murciélago Concept was unveiled in Detroit too.

Taking a closer look at these new photos clearly shows the totally new engine cover on the Aventador Roadster, there is a section running through the middle, effectively cutting the glass sections seen on the original cover (which were a mandatory option until now by the way, on the 2013 Aventador the engine cover will be using carbon fiber that will hide the engine from view). But the engine cover also keeps a low profile until it hits the seats, where an upright window and small wing gets installed … much like we’ve seen on the limited edition Reventon Roadster.

On some of these photos it also confirms the roof will be split in the middle, in fact we’ll be seeing two carbon fiber panels that are light enough to be removed easily, and thanks to the twin setup they are small enough to be stored up front in the luggage compartment … a perfect solution if you ask me.

On a close up of the side section we still see a lot of tape covering the section behind the roof panels in front of the rear buttress section, so Lamborghini is still hiding something innovative there … I can guess, but I’m going to wait for more detailed shots. On that same photo we can detect the section behind the side windows is no longer ‘see-through’ … just like on the Murciélago Roadster this section becomes glossy black … and it isn’t color coded by the way.

Staring at these photos I see the interior is completely white (or at least a very light shade), the seats are one color and the door panels are the same light shade … and some of the matte black wrapping has stone chips that unveil this Aventador Roadster to be white too. That would mean we are probably looking at a Bianco Isis or a Bianco Canopus model with a full white ‘elegant’ interior running on glossy black wheels over orange brake calipers … I can live with that.

One thing I do find a bit strange is the fact this car doesn’t have the 2013 Dione wheels … but then again we could be looking at a test mule, so they just fitted whichever wheels were available at the time, I’m sure if and when Automobili Lamborghini SpA shows this beauty to the public it will be rolling on these optional wheels (20 inch up front and 21 inch tall at the back) and have all the MY2013 modifications too … I for one can’t wait to see it in real life without any tape covering the details.