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We’ve all seen the news at the 2012 Paris Motor Show in the form of an updated Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 edition, and I guess it was a good marketing strategy to make the difference between the Gallardo LP550-2, LP560-4 and the top of the line LP570-4 models visible at first glance … so like it or not, we’ll have to accept the fact there won’t be a new V10 model any time soon.

On the other hand a lot of people have been waiting for the Aventador Roadster, first expected to be shown at the 2012 Geneva Show, but instead the one of a kind Aventador J was unveiled … and again hopes were high for a Paris unveil … unfortunately again no open top V12 flagship to be seen on the Automobili Lamborghini SpA stand.

We all know the car is ready to be introduced, the test mule has been seen months ago already, and a new prototype with modified engine cover has covered thousands of Miles on the open road already, crudely wrapped in matte black tape it still gave a very good impression on how the actual production Aventador Roadster … or Aventador Spyder as it could also be called according to some sources.

The fact we’ll be seeing a light weight carbon fiber roof panel in two parts that can be quickly removed and installed, unlike the Murciélago Roadster with the canvas roof that limited top speed to 180 Km/h when installed, the Aventador Roadster will be able to reach full speed with or without the roof in place.

Where these two panels are to be stored is still not officially stated, I would think up front under the hood like on some other exotics, but another rumor talks about them ‘sliding’ towards the rear … over the engine cover. A system we already saw on the Diablo Roadster mind you, here you would manually lift the roof from the car (preferably two people do to this) and fix it on the engine cover … however this could cause heat problems I guess.

Whichever way the roof is stored, it is obvious the upcoming Aventador Roadster will look great with the roof in place (check out our mockup we made for you) … and it will look even better with the two panels removed so you can enjoy open top motoring in the V12 Lamborghini flagship once again.

Back in June we already published the rumor about a GT version of the Aventador, today this has come up again. Sources talk about a concept only, but based on the Aventador we could be seeing a new 2+2 concept car at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show, possible even with suicide doors to allow better access to the rear seats and a somewhat softer design compared to the current Aventador. The chassis would be lengthened to make space for the additional seats … at the moment this would only be a concept car, which makes people wonder why they wouldn’t take the Estoque and refresh that one, possibly create a two door version as a concept.