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We’ve seen several variations of the intimidating LB Works wide body kit on the Lamborghini Aventador already, but this Roadster version does have an amazing and innovative extra feature … how about a brushed steel look wrap applied by the masters at Impressive Wrap.

A factory original Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster is already an extremely good looking car, but if you add the entire LB Works kit created by Kato-san she is turned into something a lot more aggressive looking. The LB Works aerodynamic add-ons consist of a very deep front bumper with additional vertical fins, a duo of stylish side sills and a rear lower diffuser that will make you look twice to completely fathom just how amazing it looks … but those are only the ‘normal’ parts from LB Performance.

The LB Works kit distinguishes herself from just about any other kit available on the market by the four wheel arch extensions, which use rivets to be installed in true Kato-san style … you either love these rivets or hate them I guess … but you just have to admire that totally over the top rear wing installed by LB Works. That thing looks like it came straight from the race track where it was developed for an Aventador GT1 race car.

Usually these LB Works Aventador ride on a ‘bagged’ suspension that allows you to raise and lower the Lamborghini with the touch of a button, however in this case it looks like there is just a slightly lowered setup used in combination with a set of custom CEC or Claus Ettensberger Corp. wheels, most likely 20 inch up front and 21 inch at the rear so you don’t upset the four wheel drive system on the Aventador.

After the LB Works kit and the wheels were installed this Lamborghini Aventador Roadster was taken apart again by the artisans at Impressive Wrap, who fitted an awesome looking brushed steel vinyl wrap onto the angular lines of this Raging Bull, add a few touches of clear carbon fiber and some orange lines and you end up with a car that looks ready to take on anything she will encounter on the open road … and beat it into oblivion with ease while emitting a thundering sound from the special Quicksilver exhaust.