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It is becoming really obvious the amount of Aventador that have been delivered to customers is reaching high figures, it isn’t hard to believe over 1,000 units have been built if you take a look at the number of customized cars that are popping up all over the world, back in the days of the Countach and the Diablo owners wouldn’t even consider changing their Lamborghini, however the Murciélago and more importantly the Gallardo have completely changed this reluctance … and we are seeing brand new Aventador being customized and tuned beyond belief … UK based Oakley is even cutting away the roof on brand new V12 flagship Bulls.

That might be a bit too much for most owners, but a new set of wheels, some extra paint and a custom exhaust are a quick choice after paying a $500,000 invoice to get the keys of the Aventador … many of these cars are being sold at a premium over the MSRP because there is an 18 month waiting list on new Aventador, so if you have more money than patience the only option is to pay way over ‘sticker price’ to park the LP700-4 on your driveway … only to find out your next door neighbor just received his Raging Bull too.

So you turn to an aftermarket tuner to make your specific Bull stand out even more, like the Japanese owned Aventador on this page, a stunning white bodywork that was ordered over a two tone, orange and black interior and features color coded orange brake calipers … a magnificent combination to start with … but Hyper Forged Wheels and Power Craft made this lady look even better.

Those large Hyper Forged wheels draw attention to themselves right from the start, massive 9×20 inch up front and even bigger 13×21 inch at the back, showing a brightly brushed finish, these HF-C7 wheels wear Pirelli P Zero Nero tires in 255/30ZR20 and 355/25ZR21 respectively on the by now well-known deep concave design.

At the back we immediately notice the painted lower diffuser and the air outlet surrounds … both finished in white now, and the result really suits this white lady, and then you get drawn to that exhaust. You might not notice it at first glance, but that is a totally custom Power Craft unit called ‘Square Tail’, made up from a new silencer with quad round shapes tips that emerge from a massive size, twin setup … and it sounds even better than it looks, check out the video below.

Looking to do something similar to your own Aventador … just contact Hyper Forged Wheels and ask for a quote on a similar set of wheels. To add the Power Craft exhaust too will take about $10,000, but this also includes remote control valves to adjust whenever needed.