Aventador spidron by fab design - guide - lamborghini diablo

For most people owning a Lamborghini Aventador would be the ultimate dream come true, but for some it is just the start of an experience, and for those people that want something really special the tuning scene has been able to answer most of their requests … one of the more well-known tuners with a very long record of building impressive exotic car is FAB Design, located in Switzerland.

Since 1997 FAB Design AG has been building impressive vehicle conversions for some of the most demanding customers all over the world, under the management of Roland Rysanek the company has become the supplier of Haute Couture for the road with exceptionally high-quality conversions of exotic cars. This tuner now proves, once again, that their in-house engineering skills and their special design language can be adapted onto the V12 flagship from Sant’Agata too.

The FAB Design Spidron takes the top of the line Lamborghini Aventador and makes it even more unique then ever … the Spidron clearly shows the individual FAB Design language while still holding onto the typical Italian style of the Aventador … the by now famous ‘triangular’ design elements from Lamborghini have remained dominant on this Swiss conversion.

Up front a completely new front bumper with integrated air intakes has been developed by FAB Design, an additional horizontal fin has appeared in the side intakes of the front bumper while additional daytime running lights make the Spidron even more aggressive, just ahead of the front wheels extra air vents allow better air tunneling for the big Bull.

On the side the sills are a new design too, with special intakes just underneath the doors that give the impression the Spidron is even longer than it actually is, while the rear diffuser has received a selection of vertical fins to increase stability at high speeds, while race track inspired sections have been added to the diffuser too, but also note the new air vent between the taillights of the Aventador Spidron … to keep the car street legal in Switzerland and in all other countries around the world it seems the exhaust has not been modified on the FAB Design Spidron.

The Spidron does have two more, very impressive items … for one that roof mounted air scoop really reminds us of the low and wide LeMans race cars we’re used to see on the track only, but the FAB Design rear wing is truly a work of art, with the two ‘stretching’ struts that lift the wing above the standard unit of the Aventador in true Formula One style … very impressive.

The matte black sections on the Geneva Show car combined with the Verde Ithaca bright green Lamborghini paint sure make an everlasting impression, add those color coded wheels into the equation and the Spidron will draw attention all the time. These EVOlight concave wheels are in fact lightweight forged units, 9×20 inch up front with 255/30 ZR20 and 13×21 inch at the back with 355/25 ZR21 Pirelli P Zero tires … perfect to keep the 730hp from this amazing V12 on the road (a modified ECU and special air filters add 30hp to the regular Aventador 700hp power output).

Inside only one modification is visible, a special FAB Design steering wheel that has become more ergonomic but still retains the airbag for safety reasons … all in all the FAB Design Spidron sure looks different from all other tuned Aventador out there.

A small overview of the parts:

BASICS kit is listed at €21,800 and includes the front bumper, lower front diffuser in 3 parts, LED lights, side sills with lower diffuser, rear bumper and the rear diffuser.

CARBONFIBER kit has the same parts of the Basics kit but the lower front diffuser, the lower diffuser on the side skirts and the rear diffuser are delivered in clear carbon fiber … at €25,900.

Fully forged wheels EVOLIGHT in 9×20 and 13×21 inch are available at €8,900

Installation of the entire kit will come in at €4,500 while painting will take another €6,200 for a glossy finished while a matte top coat will be an extra €600 on top of that.

Now for the additional options : the air scoop to be mounted on the roof costs €2,600 in paintable form and €3,200 in clear carbon fiber. The rear exit frame is listed at €800 to be painted and €2,800 in carbon fiber with the exhaust blade in CF at €2,900, Naca 4 cover set in CF at €2,100 and finally a mirror cover set in CF for €980.

The very impressive rear wing from FAB Design on their Spidron will set you back €5,200 if you decide to have it painted to match the car or in matte black for instance, while the much more impressive clear carbon fiber finish will demand €7,900 to obtain.

Note that all prices mentioned are mere indications and you really should get in touch with FAB Design to get exact quotes and delivery times on these items to create the Spidron.