Aventador sx from onyx - guide - 2019 lamborghini aventador s
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Onyx Concept is a UK based company that specialized in customizing high-end automobiles, heavily liked by football players to personalize their Bentley, Ferrari, Range Rover, Mercedes and even Rolls Royce … but now Onyx Concept unveiled a new project … the Aventador SX.

Taking a Grigio Titans Lamborghini Aventador S as a base, Onyx Concept turns her into an Aventador SX with a price tag of £499,950 (that’s €560,745 or US$ 634,522 at the time of writing) by adding a lot of lightweight carbon fiber parts, both on the outside … and on the inside.

This specific car is currently listed for sale on the Onyx Concept website, it’s a 2018 Aventador S with some interesting factory options, like the Carbon Drivers Pack, Carbon console, branding package, Sensonum upgrade, Sportivo Alcantara interior with matching Alcantara steering wheel, Carbon interior package, and the travel package … but Onyx Concept added a lot more to create their Aventador SX, which is listed as a Limited Edition, but I can’t seem to locate any production numbers on their website.

The entire front bumper is replaced by Onyx Concept as the Carbon SX, also a Super SX Vented Carbon bonnet (the front hood), add the visible carbon lower and side front aero sils and similar Shark lower side skirts … probably the most impressive item is the carbon fiber rear bumper top 8 piece vent with billet mesh, visible carbon exhaust surround and aero undertray.

Https://www. Lambocars. Com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/onyx_concept_aventador_sx_10. Jpg

Carbon SX engine cover with central, vented and laser etched dual rear bay windows and the carbon SX rear wing with bespoke Onyx billet forged supports above an SX Titanium sport exhaust while this car rides on Onyx SX Rose F1 forged wheels.

The new front hood with the additional vents does remind us of the Veneno and the Centenario units, and this theme continues at the rear … take a closer look at that rear diffuser … it surely was inspired by the controversial Centenario unit while the open section above the exhaust looks close to the one seen on the Veneno.

I also like the small, vertical fins on the engine cover, on this Aventador SX it shows ’01’, and these look like the ones with ’63’ on them found on the Terzo Millennio … it seems Onyx took a long and hard look at some of the recent Lamborghini concept cars and limited edition models and came up with their interpretation for the current Lamborghini Aventador S … and it doesn’t look too bad if you ask me.

More information and the listing for this actual car can be found on their website: Onyx Concept