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We have published the news about an auction that listed a total of 79 cars that were on display in the official Bertone museum at the Stile Bertone headquarter in Caprie, among them a few amazing Lamborghini like an original 1967 Miura, a 1987 Countach and the one of a kind Genesis, but also a silver metallic Espada.

The auction for these 79 Bertone masterpieces began on September 14. 2015 at a starting price of €2,000,000 … but there was a rather special rule: these cars were considered by the Italian government as a national treasure. Hence the buyer would not be allowed to split up the collection nor would he be able to take any of the cars outside of Italy … now that put a serious obstacle for potential buyers from outside of Italy.

In the end the winning bid of €2,567,200 came from ASI, the Automotoclub Storico Italiano, with additional fees and taxes the final price went up to  €3,445,182 to keep this collection of Italian automotive art alive. The auction ran for two weeks, and while the first bid came right at the start it would stay silent up to a few hours before time ran out … a total of 40 bids were registered adding 61% to the starting price.

ASI’s president did confirm they didn’t buy the Bertone brand, which was also on auction at the same time for €3,000,000 … the court will offer the Bertone name up for auction again in the near future, but at a lower starting price, it would really be a pity if this illustrious name would disappear from the automotive market after such an impressive legacy.

Roberto Loi confirmed ASI is considering to build a new headquarter that will house an exposition of the entire Bertone collection in addition to other, important cars from Italian car builders that will make sure ASI can continue the task of safeguarding the national automotive history on Italy.

Information from an article published by QuartaMarcia