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The fact the MY2013 Aventador will come with cylinder deactivation is well known already, but the flagship V12 Raging Bull will also get an innovative start/stop system, and I mention it to be innovative as it isn’t the usual system … instead Lamborghini went for the ‘supercap’ option that allows a re-start in only 180 milliseconds, which happens to be a lot quicker compared to more conventional start/stop systems.

That takes car of the red traffic lights, but there is more … when you don’t need 700 hp or when driving less than 135 Km/h you will effectively be using only one cylinder bank … this means you’re behind the wheel of an inline six cylinder Lamborghini with a rather hefty price tag. But fear not, putting your foot down will awake all 12 cylinders behind you almost instantly and unleash the full 700 horsepower again.

Now most reports would mention only the above two items, as these will reduce emission by as much as 20% at regular highway speeds, do note however the CO2 emission on the Aventador is still a solid 370 g/kg … but Lamborghini has changed a few other, very important items too for their 2013 evolution of the LP700-4.

The dampers have been modified and the springs used have been made harder to improve the ride even more in combination with mild chassis changes for the 2013 edition … now that’s all very nice and surely important to comply with future legislation, but let’s face it … you don’t really notice all this from the outside of the Aventador, so what’s changing in the ‘looks’ department ?

Other companies would make a big headline about this, but Automobili Lamborghini SpA isn’t … just take a second look at the black wheels on this red Aventador … these are the new for 2013 Dione rims, massive 20-inch up front and even larger 21-inch at the back, available in either glossy silver metallic, matte titanium metallic or the glossy black finish seen on this car … but if you really insist you can order them in a high gloss chrome finish through the Ad Personam program.

On another note Automobili Lamborghini SpA introduced the carbon fiber option pack on the Aventador, something various third party tuners have been building for a while now … carbon fiber reinforced plastic parts on the outside of the Raging Bull. Just about every air intake and outlet can now be finished in clear carbon fiber straight from the factory, and it doesn’t stop there either, the front spoiler lip in the middle receives the same lightweight material as does the large, lower diffuser at the rear of the car.

So where will we encounter this carbon fiber? On the angular air intakes in the front bumper, on the spoiler lip in the middle of the front bumper, on the small air outlets just in front of the windshield, on the air intakes behind the side windows, on the large air intake on the side of the Aventador, on the air vents at the back and on the lower diffuser at the rear. And that’s only on the outside, the carbon fiber treatment continues inside the engine bay where the cover behind the engine is completely finished in carbon fiber too.

Let’s open the door … even more carbon fiber here, the door handles can be finished in clear carbon fiber instead of the standard silver, but also the edge of the dashboard cluster receives a nice, glossy carbon fiber look as does the central console, the actual switches look the same but some of them had their designation been changed for the 2013 model year.

So the cylinder deactivation and the new start/stop system might be very important from an environmental point of view, but you have to admit those carbon fiber parts both outside and inside the MY2013 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 make it look so much better … just imagine a Nero Nemesis bodywork with high gloss carbon fiber parts … I’m sure it would be stunning.