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Carlex Design is located in Poland, but their amazing looking custom interiors enjoy worldwide admiration, we aren’t talking about a set of seat covers here or a bit of special stitching on a non-standard shade of leather … Carlex Design creates an individual statement within the confinements of a car interior, and that’s a serious realization on such a small surface.

Carlex Design is one of a few companies that goes beyond the special finish some of the best companies in the world offer their clients, like the Individual for BMW, AMG for Mercedes … and naturally Ad Personam when it comes to Lamborghini … when you decide the regular option list from Automobili Lamborghini SpA just doesn’t tick the right boxes for you on your Aventador order you can turn to the in-house customization department Ad Personam where you can have many custom order options executed inside and outside of your new Raging Bull … but somehow I think Carlex Design goes beyond what you can order straight from the factory.

Take a look at the Carlex Design Aventador concept interior … the basic layout and forms are still there, but the custom material and stitching is something completely different here. For one the seats get an innovative combination of white and black leather, where the black leather is again a combination of smooth leather and hexagon embossed hides to create an amazing look, even the headrest receives a two tone design never seen before on a Lamborghini … in fact at first glance you might even think this is the interior seen inside the Lamborghini Urus concept, which also used a combination of white (or ivory) on black carbon frames to create a similar effect.

If you don’t like the white or black leather … don’t worry, Carlex Design offers over 500 different tints of leather and  40 shades of Alcantara … the possibilities are endless as each order will be treated individually to change the original character of the interior, even the shape can be modified by using various kinds of trimming, rhombs, double or single trim, welts or any other type of sewing technique … add to this the option of custom embroidery or imprints and you now you’ll be driving away in a very personal statement.

When driving a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster the last thing you want are reflections from a light shade dashboard, that is why Carlex Design will advise to cover the dashboard with Alcantara, preferably black, to absorb reflections, on this Aventador concept interior there are white sections used both on the dashboard itself and on the steering wheel … when mounting Alcantara instead of leather you just might get away with this very beautiful design.

The dashboard pod holding the LCD screen get modified too and the gear levers behind the custom steering wheel look like they are gold plated with a matte top coat, also the sides of the dashboard, only visible when the door is open, receive a gold hexagon styled cover … amazing attention to detail, the gold shade does return on the door panels, the central console and as trimming along the sides of the interior.

By using custom stitching the look and feel of this custom Aventador interior is totally different from the original interior as it leaves Sant’Agata, even the section behind the seats is highly customized with a special stitching pattern and a white section holding the Carlex Design logo … and that’s not even all … take a look at one of the renders and you will notice the inner panel of the roof sections of this Aventador Roadster receive a special stitching pattern too … on Alcantara.

If you forgot to add the heated seats option on your order sheet Carlex Design can easily rectify this, adding heat mats on both the seat cushion and the back support you’ll be able to get a nice dispersion of warmth on those cold winter days … they do however advice to use perforated leather for the middle section of the seats in this case.

If this design has got you interested in having your own Lamborghini fitted with a truly one of a kind interior get in touch with Carlex Design for a quote.