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During the weekend of June 22 to 24 the Chateau Run 2007 was organized among members of the Lamborghini Club UK, it was also the ideal timing to celebrate 35 years of existence for the by now legendary Countach model, hence no less than four stunning red Countach models drove into France to spend the weekend at the amazing castle at Tilques, close to Calais.

Naturally they were accompanied by several other cars, among them a stunning orange metallic Diablo GT, production number 25 of only 80 officially built, a very nice yellow Diablo VT Roadster and a bright yellow Murciélago. But also a few other makes came along, an impressive black Chevrolet Corvette, another black car but this time an Evo, a nice TVR, a red Ferrari 348 GTS and a classic Porsche 911. A late arrival on Friday evening added a great looking black Porsche Cayman to the list.

I was able to attend the event during the entire weekend, which included some amazing dinner parties in the Chateau’s restaurant, a wine tasting opportunity in another Chateau combined with lunch in these great surroundings, and naturally a few blasts on the French highways, within safety limits naturally.

On Saturday they parked this great collection of automobiles in front of the Town Hall in Calais, needless to say they drew a lot of attention, and countless photographs were taken by the public that gathered.

On Sunday, before returning to the United Kingdom, the group had lunch in a great restaurant in Boulogne, afterward taking the ‘scenic’ route to Calais to catch the ferry back to sunny England … you wish, it was pouring down on Sunday, but still we had an amazing time, can’t wait to join this great group of people again next time.