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During a recent interview with Stephan Winkelmann some very interesting vision became obvious. At this moment the United States is still the largest market for Automobili Lamborghini SpA with the home market in Italy holding a firm second place for decades already, however this is about to change.

If we take everything into account it is obvious China will be taking over the second place from Italy within a few years already. If you notice that the car market in China is growing steadily (a massive 21% growth in the first five months of this year alone) and that most other markets are loosing ground (for instance nearly 16% drop in Europe) it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that China is the market to be for exotic car builders like Lamborghini.

At the moment a lot of Chinese people actually are chauffeur-driven because the roads and infrastructure isn’t too good over there, however things are changing in that department too, and a massive amount of wealthy Chinese car buyers are looking for European built super cars, they know what is available and make their choice from it.

China is the biggest emerging market at the moment, and Lamborghini even sent special managers to cope with administration and get their cars to comply with the impressive safety regulations.

Last year China came in 9th overall when it came to sales, with the US at 741 units, China based Lamborghini dealers managed to sell 72 cars, a figure Mr Winkelmann doesn’t believe will rise much further, but when looking at the dropping sales figures elsewhere (33% for the US) he does expect the China sales to remain stable or even increase slightly