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The second Club Special was held on April 24 on the famous Dutch circuit at Zandvoort.

Naturally the Lamborghini Club Nederland was again present, fortunately the weather cleared out fabulously, so a lot of cars awoke from their ‘sleep’ during the winter and were driven to the circuit. Next to about 10 Lamborghinis and a few Ferraris, there was also the Maserati Club Nederland and the Lotus Club Holland … which translated into a lot of stunning automobiles.

During these Club Specials it is possible to take your exotic car onto the race track at Zandvoort, so obtaining a spot in one of these track events is why most people come to Zandvoort during these Specials.

Nice to see was a ‘battle’ between a black Gallardo and a silver metallic F430, the Lamborghini actually had a thundering sports exhaust mounted, which could be heard from far away, when it was turning rounds between the dunes in Zandvoort.

These events are also a great way to view some of the more ‘classic’ models, like a 400 GT and a Jarama S, but also the legendary Countach QuattroValvole was driven on the circuit.

We must admit that this Club Special wasn’t a event dedicated to Italian cars only, but because of the rather important number of cars that showed up, and the great weather, this Club Special was a great way to open the Dutch Lamborghini season …