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The Club Special was the fourth one held at Zandvoort this time, and the number of clubs and visitors is increasing each time, the Lamborghini Club Nederland was again invited and they’ve attended with a total of 20 cars, not all Lamborghini’s but also the rare Bugatti EB110 SuperSport, a few Ferrari’s and a couple of Porsche … also note that the very first Audi Q7 SUV was present that day, drawing a lot of attention.

Probably the ‘Star of the day’ was the first Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder in the Netherlands, this bright yellow metallic Spyder was shown on the Lamborghini Club Nederland stand, and if you had an invitation from the Dutch importer Hessing, it was even possible to have a test drive in this brand new car.

At about 9:00 in the morning the first LCN members arrived on the famous circuit of Zandvoort, under a nice early sunshine it promised to become a nice day to try their cars on the circuit. There were ‘fast blocks’ foreseen, when you could drive your car wearing a helmet at full speed without a passenger but with the option of overtaking all over the circuit.

Later there were a few ‘recreational blocks’, when you could take a passenger with you, but were limited to overtaking on the straight parts of the circuit only, unfortunately at about 3:00 pm it started raining, so full speed runs on the circuit became somewhat limited … several club members went to Mickey’s to complete this fun filled day over a drink.

All in all a very nice day, and a great event to start the season … and the Lamborghini Club Nederland would hereby like to invite all owners and enthusiasts to the next Club Special to be held on July 16. 2006 … see you there … or if you impatient like me, come visit Viva Italia, held on June 5 on the famous TT Circuit in Assen.