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How about driving your Lamborghini on an enclosed circuit together with other high performance cars ?

Sounds good, so you should join the Club during one of those amazing Clubspecials events held on the famous circuit at Zandvoort, the Netherlands.

During those days cars from various automobile clubs are shown on the paddock, and driven during the various blocks on the circuit, a really nice opportunity to test both your limits and those of your car.

Sunday April 22nd was another sunny day, so a perfect time to get that Bull out of the garage and head to Zandvoort to join several club members for a quick spin around the track.

And some great Bulls showed up at the circuit, a stunning silver metallic Diablo SV was later joined by a classic 350 GT that once belonged to none other than Nicolas Cage, who is known as a true car enthusiast and still owns a nice collection of Lamborghini today.

Shortly after the 350 GT arrived, a large trailer drove up the stand holding an awesome Diablo, this was an early model with the large dashboard cluster, but it looked like it left the factory only days ago.

Later a magnificent pearl metallic orange Gallardo Spyder joined the group while a black Gallardo completed the Lamborghini Club Nederland stand at Zandvoort.

But these Raging Bulls weren’t there for show only, so the first available slot would prove a great time to show the large amount of visitors just what these Lamborghini are capable of. They were driven on the circuit between a large selection of other cars, which made their supremacy stand out even more.

Clubspecials at Zandvoort is a special day of the year when official car clubs are able to show their cars on the paddock area and actually drive some of these on the circuit, together with the other makes gathered.

This way you’ll have super cars like the Lamborghini on the track together with classic Alfa’s, BMW’s, Lancia and a collection of other more of less known makes, naturally the speed difference between all these cars was obvious.

Most of the cars on the track were no match for the Gallardo, Diablo or even the 350GT, with their powerful V10 or V12 engine boasting hundreds of horsepower, these exotics could easily outrun just about anything on their way, offering a great spectacle to the people around the track.

Thanks to the nice weather and the great selection of Lamborghini on the track, both the drivers and the visitors had a great time. You rarely encounter these amazing cars on the open road, and during other events these Bulls are mostly driven on a track together with comparable cars. So when you get a chance to see these great cars in action together with cars you see regularly on the road you can finally compare them, and really appreciate just how much these are different from others, no matter how tuned or upgraded they are. A Lamborghini will remain an exotic that draws a crowd no matter where you park it.

The orange metallic Gallardo Spyder was driven ferociously on the track, much appreciated by the spectators, sometimes even doing a great slide in the many curves of the famous Zandvoort circuit.

The track time was a great possibility to clear out the air from the exhaust of our Lamborghini, and prepare it for the Lamborghini Club Nederland’s next event, the famous Viva Italia event on the TT Circuit in Assen on May 28.

I sure hope to see some of these cars again, but naturally a lot more Bulls will join them in Assen.