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ncreasingly geared towards the total look, Collezione Automobili Lamborghini presents a complete fashion line for the 2012/13 Autumn/-Winter season, as it continues to combine essential style with quality and innovative design and materials.

The must haves

All Lamborghini owners know that every detail is taken care of, to make every drive a thrilling, unforgettable experience. Driving and exploring are part of the brand’s DNA: the new range of sports bags and covers extend these emotions to everyday life. The travel bag, rucksack, messenger bag, tablet and smart phone cases are all made from layers of lined neoprene, which is water repellent and tested to guarantee toughness and durability, even in extreme conditions.

The range is 100% Italian-made, in partnership with design company O-Range, which collaborates with the Italian Institute of Technology in the field of materials research. Patterns and logos are laser-designed, while all the seams are removed due to a patented O-Range procedure similar to heat-sealing.

The travel bag, rucksack and messenger bag are available in two different colours: black/grey, or electric blue. The tablet and smart phone cases are available in four colourways: black teamed with grey, electric blue, red or yellow.

Lamborghini leather “jewellery”

The line of accessories now includes a new keyholder and multiwrap leather bracelets, available in three different models: plain double-wrap, flat braided double-wrap or thin braided triple-wrap.

The special element of these accessories is the material they are made from: it is the leather used for the interior trim of Lamborghini cars. When the leather is cut, small pieces of top quality material are left over – ideal for making bracelets!

Lamborghini key holders and bracelets are the result of stylistic research inspired by the brand’s

essential lines, and a commitment towards maximizing the efficient use of materials. The colours are the same as you’ll find inside the cars: Black, Natural Leather, Centaurus Red, Phoenix Grey, Scylla Blue and Ulysses Green.

New for this season

Highlights include new coats and jackets for the Autumn season: for men and women there’s a dark brown bomber in soft nappa leather, with lines reminiscent of aviationstyle jackets. For men only, there is also a peacoat, a double-breasted woollen jacket in traditional sailor style.

Clothing collection

The range includes T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts and polo shirts. The leitmotiv central theme of the whole collection is the Bull combined with the Roman numerals LXIII, celebrating the year of the company’s birth, and the Italian flag, a detailed featured on many of the garments, underlining the collection’s Italian identity. The range is complemented by a series of soft woollen pants and knitwear items.

Collezione Automobili Lamborghini is also available for children aged 3-12, with a product range that’s been extended and diversified compared to previous seasons. The colours of the T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants and padded coats complement those of the men’s and women’s collections, while some of the models have also been produced in Junior versions. In the boyswear range, the logo is accompanied by stylized lines of the cars, while for little girls the logo is smaller, and teamed with stars and glitter.

The materials

Collezione Automobili Lamborghini is synonymous with excellent quality: the winter coats are filled with real goose down, the gloves are made from the finest nappa leather and lined with cashmere, while all the buttons are made from real mother-of-pearl. Pure cotton and merino wool are also features of the whole Collection. The company’s constant quest for innovation is demonstrated by the use of high-tech materials for the range of sports bags.


The palette of classic winter colours (black, navy blue, anthracite grey), is livened up with Mars Red throughout all the lines.

The men’s line also features Royal Blue and Electric Green, while the womenswear range includes Grape, Paloma Grey and True Blue. The children’s clothing plays on the same colours, combined with Magenta and Excalibur Grey.


The new keyholders and bracelets made from genuine Lamborghini leather are in addition to the classic accessories such as ties, gloves, scarves, belts, a range of carbon fibre bags, the Automobili Lamborghini Bull Bracelet by Albanu, and the Automobili Lamborghini by Omas fountain and ballpoint pens.


The new collection will be available online at, from the 120 Automobili Lamborghini dealers worldwide, the Lamborghini boutique in Sant’Agata Bolognese and at single-brand stores around the world.