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Back in 2005 the Lamborghini Gallardo had been available for two years, and people were waiting for a convertible version, similar to what is happening today with the Huracan … but at the 2005 Geneva Auto Show Lamborghini unveiled something very radical … the Concept S.

Basically this looked like a Gallardo with the roof removed, but the Concept S took things a lot further, not only did this car come without any roof whatsoever, Lamborghini even separated the two bucket seats and inserted two ‘saute-vent’ (in French: a sudden change in the wind) in order to direct air over the head of the driver … because there wasn’t much left of the windscreen either.

In the middle a section of bodywork ran all the way between the seats into an additional air intake for the V10 engine in the back, a rear view mirror could be electronically lowered or raised from within this ‘splitter’ while both the front bumper and the rear diffuser become a lot more aggressively styled on the Concept S compared to the Gallardo.

Two roll over bars were installed behind the headrests in case the Concept S would be caught in an accident and initially a small, limited production run was envisioned … and in August 2005 the first actual production model of the Concept S with chassis number 001 was shown at the Monterey Concorso Italiano and at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in the US.

This production model showed a few modifications compared to the prototype in Geneva, for one the already small front windows became even lower and the seats were replaced with original Gallardo units, probably to comply with homologation rules … unfortunately only one fully functional Lamborghini Concept S was ever built.

This car was delivered to her original owner shortly after the August 2005 unveil and remained in his possession, from time to time she was on display to the public, she even apeared twice at the famous Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance … now this one of a kind, factory built, fully drivable Concept S only has 180 km on the counter.

Chassis no. ZHWGE32T86LA00001 will be listed by RM Auctions during their New York event on November 18. 2015 … I wonder how much this truly unique V10 Lamborghini will require to change owners … the estimate has been set beween $2,400,000 and $3,000,000.

UPDATE : the New York auction where the Concept S will be offered for sale has been set to December 10. 2015 by Sotheby’s/RM Auctions.