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On Monday morning, June 1 2009, in the Northern part of the Netherlands, around the TT circuit in Assen to be precise, I get ready to cover the 2009 edition of the Concorso Italiano !

A bright and sunny day is ahead of me while I am able to photograph a very large gathering of Raging Bulls organized by the Lamborghini Club Nederland together with 402 Events, the Concorso Italiano promises to be one of the most important event in the region this year.

And it sure didn’t let us down, about 30 Lamborghinis made the drive to Assen today, all of them to be admired by the thousands of visitors that came to enjoy these amazing looking cars … and get a tan at the same time.

Just about every major model that left the gates at Sant’Agata in the past was present, from the classic 350 GT over the Islero, Jarama and Espada right up to the more recent Murciélago and Gallardo.

From the latter one a few nice Spyders showed up, but also two stunning LP560-4 models, one in the by now well known white shade, but the second in a refreshing bright yellow metallic bodywork, which looks really nice on the Gallardo LP560-4 to be honest.

Let’s not forget the rather important number of Countach present, too bad the original LP400 didn’t make it, but the number of LP500 S, Quattrovalvole and Anniversario made up for this minor inconvenience, I would have loved a Miura, but this one remained in it’s garage for the day.

As usual this wasn’t a static show, and many of these amazing looking exotics took a trip on the famous TT Circuit … sadly due to the very strict rules these days several Bulls received the red flag and were pulled from the track for excessive noise … a Lamborghini doesn’t sound like an electric car after all, but apparently you can’t have a car that is too loud on the track anymore.

As usual for a Concorso there was also a Concours d’Elégance, and a few Lamborghinis were entered, the bright red Countach Quattrovalvole received a price naturally, together with a very impressive Bizzarrini finished in the same shade.

This might only be a one day event, but with such a nice selection of cars present it is surely worth a visit, so don’t hesitate to take the drive to Assen next year, when the Lamborghini Club Nederland returns to show you even more Raging Bulls … see you there !