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So we know the Aventador successor will keep the V12 naturally aspirated engine at this time, but there will be additional electric engines to create the first production hybrid for Lamborghini, the Sian is a limited ‘few-off’ edition, so that one doesn’t count, and while chances are we’ll be seeing a Urus hybrid soon, we’ll have to see which one comes first.

We also heard rumors about the Aventador successor being unveiled at the end of 2021 already, with first customer cars being delivered in early 2022, now that sounds to be very soon if we take into consideration they are building the Aventador SVJ right now, together with the Sian customer cars, and no Sian Roadster has even been built for a customer yet, while we know some SVJ Roadster are being built as late as June 2021.

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So a timetable where the Aventador successor gets unveiled in late 2021 might mean they will have to rush getting all ordered Aventador SVJ and Sian ready before August 2021, they could then convert the assembly line for the new V12 model, and have customer cars being assembled as early as 2022 … keep in mind Lamborghini still has its prototype and pre-series vehicle development area, which was opened in 2012, and could be building the pre-production V12 Hybrid model before the assembly line takes over.

And while we have heard rumors about a power output near, or above the magic 1,000 hp mark, there is no news about styling yet, and while admiring the one-off Lamborghini SC20 I remembered Lamborghini’s first ‘few-off’ special model, the Reventón … which as we all know showed several design elements that would be used on the new Aventador a few years later. So what if the SC20 also shows a design we will be seeing again on the Aventador successor.

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We already saw in an interview with Mitja Borkert, the Lamborghini Sian was not a preview of the Aventador successor, not as a design, the combination of the V12 with electric power will be further developed for the upcoming V12 model, but its design would not be related to the Sian, but nobody said anything about the new SC20, which was created by Squadra Corse, but designed by Centro Stile … so why wouldn’t they take inspiration from this stunning, topless car, to create the next generation of V12 from Sant’Agata.

All they need to do is add a roof and make the design less aggressive … you can’t have the new V12 Hybrid Lamborghini look like a racecar right from the start, perhaps later one when they release even more powerful versions, but the initial model surely doesn’t need a massive rear wing and exposed carbon fiber.

So for the new V12 Hybrid, Aventador successor, I removed the rear wing, removed the air vents in front of the windshield, naturally added a roof, and changed the design of the engine cover, also a set of different wheels would be needed to make this the first edition of the new Lamborghini V12 flagship for 2022.

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And we all know there will eventually be a Roadster version of the Aventador successor too, so I created a view of that model too, will a full-height windshield and naturally the possibility of having removable roof panels … Lamborghini just needs a convertible V12 model in their lineup.

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And that’s not all … every V12 flagship gets a more powerful version down the line, so it might be several years into the future, but there will surely be a Super Veloce, or SV version of the Aventador successor down the line … at which point the large rear wing and aggressive styling make its comeback.