Huracan sto aero kit 2

I already made a render on how the new Lamborghini Huracan STO would look like as a Spyder, complete with the air intake mounted on a stand between the seats … but what if a third party tuner would come up with a new aerodynamic kit styled after the Super Trofeo Omolagata from Sant’Agata?

Just think about it, we’ve seen some rather elaborate kits from Vorsteiner, with their Novara kit, or Novitec with the Torado N-Largo package, or how about the LB-Silhouette WORKS Huracan GT kit, now that one completely transforms a factory standard Huracan into a racecar too … all these kits come with replacement bumpers front and rear, a rear wing, front hood, front fenders and the latter two even with new rear fenders … so creating an STO style aero kit that fits onto the more regular V10 version isn’t so far fetched I think.

Huracan sto aero kit 4

Naturally, the real Huracan STO comes with that impressive cofango at the front, and that would be a big change for a tuner to create, but just take a closer look at the renders I made, they show the styling, but with a separate bumper, fenders and front hood, complete with air vents … and why not create a narrow version of the STO bumper that fits onto a Huracan without the wider fenders? That wouldn’t be too difficult either, and that way you can even fit a different front hood that keeps the luggage compartment underneath for practicality.

Same for the rear, sure you can replace the original rear fenders with the wider STO styled ones, and fit a wider rear bumper, this way you can retain the original taillights and small rear wing, but that would probably require a set of spacers for the wheels to fill out those wider wheel arches … or you just fit a narrow STO style rear bumper and keep the original rear fenders.

Huracan sto aero kit 9

The rear wing on the real Huracan STO is bolted onto the chassis with struts between the engine cover, and that would require either a new engine cover, and probably extra reinforcements on a normal Huracan, so why not change the design of the struts so the massive rear wing remains, but you fit it onto the more usual rear part of the Huracan … problem solved.

Huracan sto aero kit 8

And that bespoke air intake on the real Huracan STO that comes up above the roofline, if you make it a little shorter so that the intake funnel isn’t so far above the roof, I guess you could retain the standard hinge system, even keep the original engine cover and just replace the black louvers with a lightweight intake and vents … this way you would end up with an STO lookalike on a Huracan you already own.

Huracan sto aero kit 10

Or get a Huracan with minor front and rear accident damage … I’m sure a tuner could make these STO styled parts and sell them for a price lower than original LP610-4 parts, and this way you could create an STO Spyder even before the factory releases it, if they will ever do a convertible Huracan STO that is.

Naturally, a complete STO style aero kit, front bumper, rear bumper, front fenders, rear fenders, rear wing, front hood, and on a coupe that amazing air intake on the engine cover … that won’t come cheap, but neither is a brand new Huracan STO …