Lamborghini Countach Euroworks (Replica)

Lamborghini countach euroworks (replica) - lamborghini countach

Mr Jon Watson was a real Lamborghini enthusiast in the early Nineties, but the rather large investment in a real Lamborghini was just a little too much for him, so he decided to do the next best thing, get a replica of this awesome automobile.

He decided the normal replica’s weren’t exactly what he was looking for, it was way too easy to distinguish them from the real car, even when they weren’t parked next to each other.

So he took one of the best replica’s available and modified it to look even more like the original, the stunning black Countach 1988 1/2 replica on this page was the result of a massive work that took two years to complete.

Jon started out with an Euroworks kit which could be mounted either on a stretched Fiero chassis or on a custom made tubular steel tube chassis, Jon used a 5 inch stretched Fiero chassis to get the exact wheelbase as the real Lamborghini Countach. He didn’t stop here, he also removed the entire sheet steel sections for the original dashboard and welded up a custom one to resemble the real Countach dashboard, so no difference could be seen here.

Jon completely built the interior for this special replica from plywood, glued with Duraglass, only the custom seats were made of fiberglass. He wanted ‘his’ replica to be as correct as possible so he bought several parts directly from actual Lamborghini dealers, like the ashtray, dome light, steering wheel center pad, heating controls, dash buttons and the vents on the dashboard.

As stated earlier it took Jon over two years to complete this very special replica, but the result was stunning, finally a replica that could fool most people, you really have to look at details to recognise it, even the exhaust system was custom made to make a noise very similar to the fabulous V12 used in the real Countach, while only a V8 engine was mounted, coupled to a five speed gearbox.

The rear wing seen on some photo’s was actually removable, Jon liked it this way, so he could drive the car with or without it, whichever he liked best at that time, he later decided to sell his proud and joy, after winning several first places at shows all over the United States.

This car clearly shows that it is possible to have a Countach look alike that not every kid will recognise as being just another knock off, something that won’t even remotely be mistaken for a Lamborghini, this Countach replica will need a second look to see the minor differences with her majesty, the Lamborghini Countach.