Lamborghini Countach Evoluzione – Specs & Performance

Countach evoluzione 600

Lamborghini Countach Evoluzione Specs & Performance




Type Countach Evoluzione
Years built 1987
Production 1 units
Chassisnr. experimental prototype
Presentation never presented to the public, research prototype only
Type of car Two door coupe, two seater berlinetta, horizontally hinged doors
Designed by Based on a design Marcello Gandini for Bertone
Built by Automobili Lamborghini SpA


Wheelbase 2500 mm / 98.25 in
Overall length 4140 mm / 162.7 in
Overall width 2000 mm / 78.6 in
Overall height 1070 mm / 42.05 in
Front track 1536 mm / 60.36 in
Rear track 1606 mm / 63.12 in
Ground clear 125 mm / 4.91 in
Front overhang 933 mm / 36.67 in
Rear overhang 757 mm / 29.75 in
Weight 980 kg / 2161 lbs


Structure Extremely light composite material
Body Carbon fibre central structure, reinforced honeycomb panels, double front and rear frame
Suspension All-wheel independent Front : Coil springs, telescopic shock absorbers, triangulated transverse levers, sway/anti-roll bars Rear : Twin coils over shocker units, trailing arms, transverse links and sway/anti-roll bars
Brakes All-wheel ventilated disc brakes, vacuum assisted, single servo, twin circuit
Steering type Unassisted mechanical rack and pinion, 3.2 turns lock to lock
Front tire size 225/50 VR 15
Rear tire size 345/35 VR 15
Type of tire Pirelli P7F
Front wheel 8.5×15 inch
Rear wheel 12×15 inch
Type of wheel Light alloy OZ-Wheels, covered with Carbon Fibre Discs


Type V-12 60 degree, light-alloy block with pressed-in liners (type LP 112 D) mid mounted (longitudal), rear wheel drive
Distribution Dual overhead camshafts, chain drive, two valves/cyl.
Main Bearings 7
Cyl. Capacity 5167 cc / 315 ci
Bore & stroke 85.5×75 mm
Compr. Ratio 9.5
Max. power 490 Bhp at 7500 rpm
Max. torque 0 Nm at 0 rpm
Cooling system Pressurized, twin radiators, vertically mounted either side of engine, with cross-over connection
Ignition Contactless electronic with Marelli coil and distributor
Fuel system Two electric Bendix pumps, 6 double-barrel Weber 44 DCNF, down-draft carburetors
Lubrication Wet sump
Electr. system 12 V


Type ZF five-speed + reverse manual all-synchromesh driving to a limited-slip differential
Clutch Dry-single plate, hydraulically operated


Top speed 330 Km/h / 205 Mph
0 – 100 Km/h 4.20 sec.


Engine oil 17 Liter / 4 Gallon
Cooling system 17 Liter / 4 Gallon


Current value Car has never been commercialized, the only prototype was destroyed in barrier crash testing