Lamborghini Countach LP400 Speciale – Guide

Lamborghini countach lp400 speciale - guide - lamborghini

In early 1976, the Lamborghini factory made two very special Countach LP400’s, one for Walter Wolf, this one is described on another page on this site, but the second they built had chassis nr. 1.120.222. This one was built the same way as the second Walter Wolf special, but didn’t use the 5.0 Liter engine as Wolf did.

In 1976 Lamborghini produced three further examples. One was built for Ermanno Spazzapan (chassis 1120188) and another for Albert Silvera (1120222). Walter Wolf also took delivery of a second Countach Speciale (1120202) which received the special five-litre engine originally fitted to his red car.

Each of these vehicles was highly customised.

Walter Wolf’s example was painted blue with the wheelarches and front spoiler finished in matt black. He had a body coloured electrically adjustable rear spoiler fitted along with a public address system. The upper surface of each retractable headlight was emblazoned with a Canadian flag and the wheels were painted gold.

Ermanno Spazzapan’s Countach Speciale was painted red with matt black wheelarch extensions and a matching front spoiler. It came with a unique twin plane adjustable rear spoiler and silver wheels.

Albert Silvera went a couple of steps further with his blue example. In addition to the wheelarch extensions and front spoiler, the front bumper, wiper, window frames, wing mirrors, wheels, ducts, vents, grilles, tail fascia and exhaust shroud were all painted gold. A gold pinstripe was also added along each flank.

A handful of LP400s were also sent back to the factory to be uprated to Speciale trim by their owners.

The Countach Speciale eventually became a production reality when Lamborghini introduced the LP400 S at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1978. By this time the wheelarch extensions, front spoiler and optional rear wing had been subtly reworked by Bertone’s head stylist Marcello Gandini.