Countach LPI 800-4 Configurator now online

We’ve spent a lot of hours creating the necessary graphics and writing the coding to put it all together, but we finally managed to put together a brand new configurator where you can virtually create your bespoke Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4, despite only 112 units being built at close to $3,000,000 including taxes and options, all of them are sold out already.

But that shouldn’t keep you from dreaming about how you would put together this 50th-anniversary homage to the legendary Countach, and because we are talking about a celebration model for one of the most legendary Lamborghini ever, I also included some rather special options.

How about a set of center-lock wheels inspired by the Countach from the Eighties? Or that massive rear wing that became so popular on the Countach S, the car didn’t need it for downforce, and it would even slow down the car’s top speed because of the added drag … but it looked cool nonetheless.

We ended up with a choice of no less than 121 different exterior paints, that can be combined with 28 different interior colors, and that doesn’t even cover the number of custom options like color-coded brake calipers, custom wheels, color-coded door intake, and even the fin on the side can be finished in the same color as the body.

Do you prefer a two-tone exterior? No problem, you can choose from different colors for the bottom side of the car, or go for a contrasting shade on the roof, even a clear carbon fiber option is available, as are numerous decals and stripes for the exterior, either the classic Countach script, or the famous 63 digits.

And then you get to personalize the interior, choosing from 28 different shades for the leather might be difficult, but we made it even more interesting with the option to change just about any panel on the inside individually, including the stitching on those patterns, you can go really wild, or keep it classic, whichever you prefer.

I’m sure you’ll be able to spend countless hours getting every little detail right on your virtual Countach LPI 800-4, so enjoy and get over to our Virtual Car Configurator and select the car of your dreams to put together …

Some more samples: