Lamborghini Countach Super Stretch Limousine (Replica)

Lamborghini countach super stretch limousine (replica) - lamborghini countach

A company called White Rose Limousine had this very special Countach conversion available for rent as a speciality car.

You can be very sure you wouldn’t drive by unnoticed, this very long version based on a Lamborghini Countach was indeed very flashy, but as you might think, it wasn’t made from a real Lamborghini, again it was some aftermarket replica that was stretched into this rolling piece of automotive extravaganza.

The car is an open top vehicle, a roof construction for this limousine wasn’t made, probably because it was quite impossible to enter this kind of car with the normal height of the Countach, probably powered by a V-8 engine you don’t need to be a car wizard to understand this thing won’t go very fast, but with an impact like this stretched limousine, you had to cruise by at a reasonably low speed, just to check out the faces of the people watching you in the rear of this very special limousine.

They even had the bright idea of installing a complete bath in the rear of the car, therefore the dual rear axle was needed, to cope with the extra weight.

You can contact the company that owns this car through their website at :