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Unleash your creative juices as you customize stunning Lamborghinis in 3 photo-realistic environments with seamless fluidity on your PC or Mobile web browsers. Choose your Lambo from an amazing collection of Lamborghini Countach LPI 800 4, Revuelto, and Veneno, and Immerse yourself in the highly detailed virtualizations of your favorite Lamborghinis up close. Whether you prefer a bold and aggressive design or a refined and elegant aesthetic, the 3D Lambo Customizer gives you insane customization options to experiment with cool wheel designs, spoilers, window tints, brake caliper colors, and carbon fiber accents to create your very own one-of-a-kind Lamborghini masterpiece. Heck, you can also fit hydraulics in your Lambo and see it make cool burnouts on the asphalt.  When you’ve designed your Lambo, share your customized creations with friends and fellow enthusiasts via social media integration with all your settings represented in a special VIN NUMBER link, and let them admire the stunning beauty of your personalized Lamborghini. Are you ready to showcase your inner car designer to the world? Prove yourself with the 3D Lambo Customizer!

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The 3D Lambo Customizer is a one-of-a-kind virtual 3D customizer exclusively for Lamborghinis. This application works at amazing fluidity without making any compromises in the quality whether you run it on a Desktop web or your mobile with your fingertips. The 3D Lambo Customizer offers the thrill of seeing your modifications come to life in real time, with fluid and responsive controls that make the customization process both intuitive and enjoyable.

Check out our awesome High-Quality 2D Lambo Configurator with official body kits, decals, spoilers, wheel designs, and an insane amount of car body customization options available for the Lamborghini Countach LPI 800 4 Configurator and Lamborghini Revuelto Configurator (with Gradient painting)!

How to use the 3D Lambo Customizer?

When you load up the 3D customizer for the first time, you’re greeted with the stunning Lamborghini Countach LPI 800 4 in the middle of the screen.

  • You can see the 360 views of the car by dragging your fingertips/mouse cursor at the camera view of the car/environment. (marked by red arrow)
  • All the basic customization options are available at the BOTTOM RIGHT of the screen. Here, you can change the car color and wheels, make your Lambo make burnouts, and change the car from this section. (marked by green arrow)
  • All the advanced customization for the Lambo is located in a scrollable UI panel located on the Left side of the camera view.  Here, you can make apply decals, change wheel size, add spoilers, change window tints, fit hydraulics on the Lambo and explore various other customization options for your Lambo. (marked by the blue arrow)
  • Choose from a collection of 3 photo-realistic environments by clicking on the ‘CHANGE LOCATION’ button at the TOP RIGHT of the screen.

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NOTE: Clicking on any feature/customization button will apply a new variant of that feature to the car. For Example: Clicking on the ‘SPOILER’ button will add Spoiler1 to the car another click on this button will apply Spoiler2 to the car. This is how the navigation works across all the features in the game, whether you’re playing on Mobile or Desktop web.

How can I share my Lambo design through the customizer?

The 3D Lambo Customizer sets a new standard in sharing your designs, and we’re not talking about sharing screenshots in a link. The 3D Lambo Customizer saves all your customizations in the form of a VIN NUMBER (Vehicle Identification Number). This VIN NUMBER is the identifying number that will store everything modification you made on your Lambo and the customizer will make a shareable link of your design with the help of this VIN NUMBER.  When you share this link on your social media, or send it to your friends and they open the link, they will get the exact same configurations as you made on the Lambo.

Let’s take a look at how it works:

  • Every time you make a configuration change the VIN NUMBER number changes in real-time saving all your progress. (marked by red arrow)
  • When you’ve made a stunning Lambo, click on the ‘SHARE’ button in green color at the TOP CENTER of the screen next to VIN NUMBER. (marked by the blue arrow)

Screen shot 2023 06 16 at 6. 24. 36 pm

  • After you click on the ‘SHARE’ button, the customizer will open a UI panel. (as shown below)
  • You can either copy the link from the text field at the top and share it with your friends. (marked by Red arrow)
  • OR you can click on any of the social media integrated buttons to post a cool link to your profile with your car design. (marked by the blue arrow) Clicking on any of the social media buttons will open a new tab with social media sharing options.

Screen shot 2023 06 16 at 6. 28. 50 pm

That’s all there is to it! You’re all set to start customizing your favorite Lambo and unleash your inner designer.


What are the Lamborghini car models present in this 3DCustomizer?

The 3D Lambo Customizer currently has a collection of 3 modern classic Lamborghinis. The collection includes Lamborghini Countach LPI 800 4, Revuelto, and Veneno.

Does this 3D customizer work on Mobile?

YES! The 3D Lambo Customizer works seamlessly on any Mobile device on your web browser. There is no compromise in the graphics quality and you get access to all the features including sharing on your mobile web browser too.

Are all the features unlocked from the first load of the game?

Yes, we’ve unlocked all the features to customize your LAMBO in this game from the first load. There are no moves or money systems involved in this 3D customizer.

How to save the customizer data in a web browser?

3D Lambo Customizer automatically saves all the data in a browser cookie. Each time you make a modification the game saves it. The customizer will remember your last modified version of the car. However, if you clear your browser cache, the customizer will load from the default configurations.

In this case, we recommend saving your favorite Lambo design in a link form(discussed above) in a NOTEPAD or text file. So that you can always copy that link and load your Lambo design instantly.

Can we make infinite designs in the customizer and save them all in a text file?

Yes, you can make as many designs as you want and store them in a link form in a text file to instantly load them up later. The link will include the car you customized and all the modifications you made to it.



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