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Remember the LamboCARS virtual car configurator that allowed you to put together a nice Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster in a multitude of body shades, different wheels, brake calipers, interior … and take a look at it from the front, the side, the rear and even the interior?

Well at this moment enthusiasts and owners from all over the world have created over 2.5 million configurations … and we even added some nice tuning packages for you to try on the Aventador Roadster, not only the DMC Stage 1 Molto Veloce kit but also their Stage 2 or SV kit, only ten units will be built from this latter by the way, but you can play around with it for ages in our virtual car configurator.

You know I like trying different shades and options myself in PhotoShop … and I naturally put together some special shades already, both on the closed Aventador LP720-4 50° Anniversario and on a possible Roadster edition … so I had the idea of allowing you to do the same thing.

Check out the ’50th Anniversary look’ tuning option I’ve added to the virtual car configurator, just follow this link and you’ll start out with a yellow Aventador LP700-4 Roadster in full 50th Anniversary look:

LamboCARS virtual Aventador Roadster 50th Anniversary look car configurator