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Lamborghini has just released the latest evolution of their V12 flagship model, the Aventador S, with increased horsepower, aggressive styling and a lot of modifications you don’t see at first glance, but are obvious once you take a seat behind the steering wheel.

That might not be possible for a few months as the first customer cars aren’t ready to be delivered until the spring of 2017 … so what do you do when you are eager to sign that order form? For one you should visit a local dealership and go over the options that are available from the factory before you decide on your specs.

But if you first want to play around with a virtual version of this amazing V12 you can always try your hand at our latest VCC upgrade … our Virtual Car Configurator now lists the V12 S model for you to design.

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A total of 34 exterior shades are possible, no less than 5 interior base shades, 19 different upholstery options for the seats, dashboard and door panels. No less than 18 stitching patterns are possible, including the new, wider piping version, you can add the lightweight sports seats in 9 different colors, go for the luxurious Q-Citura pattern on the seats and door panel. 8 versions of the steering wheel can be selected, 11 variations of the central console, 8 different bezels on the dashboard pod together with 8 different finishes for the seat backs.

On the outside, you select from 8 shades on the brake calipers, 12 wheel styles, and even four rear wing designs have been added already, together with 12 variations for the exterior rearview mirrors, four styles of the fixed air intakes and even four shades on the front bumper ‘fangs’ …

A lot of variations are possible in our Virtual Car Configurator, and we are adding more over the next weeks … time to have some fun … now make your own