Lamborghini Customized 400 GT 2+2 – Guide

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Lamborghini Customized 400 GT 2+2
Customized 400 GT 2+2
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We all know the Lamborghini 350 GTV is a one of a kind Raging Bull with only one actually being drivable (the second one in the Museo Ferruccio Lamborghini is a wooden concept only) valued in 2015 at $3,500,000 to $5,000,000 while the second one of a kind Lamborghini is the $10,000,000 Miura Roadster built in 1968 so what would a third one of a kind Raging Bull from 1967 be worth today?

This is exactly what you are looking at on this page, a Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2 that left the factory doors in Sant’Agata back in 1967 with chassis number 0892, the 4 liter V12 successor to the very first production car ever made by Lamborghini, the 350GT however back in late 70’s the owner of this blue over tan leather Lamborghini was probably caught in an accident that wrecked the entire front of the car, most likely she sustained some damage to the rear too.

The car was repaired, but not with original Lamborghini 400 GT parts the entire front design of this car was modified to look more like the Lamborghini Islero the model that succeeded the 400 GT 2+2. In fact the entire front section was replaced with a more forward plunging design holding a large rectangular grille in the lower section.

Turn signals were mounted vertically alongside this grille and a pair of pop-up headlights received their place on top of this front bumper, a pair of oval air intakes look like all that remains of the original bodywork at the front where the dual headlights used to be on this ’67 400 GT 2+2.

A photo from the rear shows different taillights on this car too, and on one image it is obvious original, thin chrome bumper has been replaced with a larger, black painted unit back in the 70’s the beautiful tan leather interior was left untouched at first glance, do note that this specific 400 GT 2+2 came with the optional air conditioning system from the factory.

This car may look weird at first glance, almost a sacrilege to have touched the venerable lines of the original 400 GT 2+2, but if you take a second look at her you can appreciate the workmanship that went into creating this now one of a kind GT also keep in mind back in the late 70’s these early Lamborghini probably weren’t as valuable as they have become today.

This specific example was once owned by Manny Carrillo, in mid-2015 she was offered for sale by Gullwing Motor Cars listed at $450,000, with the same south California owner since 1983 this unique Lamborghini remained in storage since 1991 almost 25 years she went unseen until now.

With only 36,000 original km on the counter and no rust whatsoever the interior hasn’t been touched for all that time either, still in original, almost pristine condition complete with a partial set of original books and tools it might be a nice addition to a collection of rare cars, especially Lamborghini.

In early 2016 this car was bought by David from the UK, he had Gary Bobileff remove the custom front and rear sections and create a completely new nose and rear from scratch using steel panels a time consuming process that returned this Lamborghini back to factory specs.

Once the body was rebuilt as original the car was shipped to the United Kingdom where the finishing touches and cosmetics would be completed, creating another perfect sample of such a classic V12 Lamborghini from the Sixties.