Lamborghini Espada Custom Russia

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Picture this: you are living in Russia and have access to a real life Lamborghini … only problem it is one of those classic Espada V12 models, very impressive on his own but somewhat less known than the high profile Diablo, Murciélago and Gallardo back in those days.

Perhaps it even has some damage on the bodywork, front section might be a bit dented and the rear could have received a nudge too (I’m just speculating here to be honest) … even if you would be able to locate the required parts to put this Seventies Lamborghini Espada back together it would cost a small fortune, so I guess the owner of this car took a different approach … why not create a one of a kind Lamborghini.

In the end we get a dark red finished V12 powered car that uses the body shell of the original Lamborghini Espada but with a completely new front section, deep front bumper and new dual headlights at either side, a new central grille and an engine cover that looks like the original Espada unit but now features four quick release pins … the entire cover can be removed from the car in one single piece, I wouldn’t try that on your own to be honest, it would take at least two people to remove safely without damaging it.

On the side we encounter some really deep side skirts running from the front wheels onto the back wheels, complete with air intakes to cool the rear disc brakes. Also note there is a vertical air outlet on the front fender, just in front of the door … which on the lower part received part of the side skirts to blend in better.

About the doors … take a closer look and you’ll notice there is no door handle. So how do you get into this custom Lamborghini Espada? Remote controlled doors perhaps … could be, but another option on this car might be pressing the red button on the exterior rear view mirrors … this pops open the doors … just like on a TVR remember?

On the side view we still recognize the original, central lock wheels from the Espada, they have been finished in a modern black paint while the ‘wings’ on the central locking screw look gold anodized, it also seems the car has been lowered but I couldn’t find any information on that.

At the rear we also notice different taillights with a very dark tint, the rear bumpers are gone and in their place we see a large central vent in the low and angular rear diffuser … a quartet of upward pointing exhaust tip have found their place under this diffuser.

Opening the door reveals an interior that has received some serious attention too, the entire dashboard and central console has been covered in what looks like red leather, a new steering wheel is installed that features two ‘angled down’ spokes similar to what Lamborghini mounted in the Diablo VT 6.0 edition, also the gear knob has been modernized and is no longer the wood finished part found in the original Espada.

A first hint of some serious sound can be seen on the custom made door panels, but the ‘big boys’ can be found in the back, underneath that massive glass pane we find amplifiers and massive woofers behind the back seats … this Lamborghini is after all still a four seater V12 powered Raging Bull.

Once the big engine cover has been removed you can detect the engine received some TLC too when they built this car, some of the covers have been painted red, other parts received a coat of contrasting yellow … it might look a bit tired now, but I’m sure there are still a lot of Raging Bulls left in that V12 work of art.