Lamborghini Diablo SE Custom Limousine (Replica)

Lamborghini diablo se custom limousine (replica) - limousine

In the United States various companies have been creating replica’s of the magnificent Lamborghini Diablo models, some of these are actually rather decent looking, but most of these can be recognized rather easily.

One of the better quality replica builders is Kirban Customs Inc, they are the one responsible for this very special Lamborghini Diablo SE replica.

Obviously this isn’t a real Lamborghini, although the idea might be interesting, this is in fact special limousine styled like the Special Edition Diablo, with four doors and the traditional limousine lights at the side.

Do note the size of the rear doors, they are really massive and I don’t guess these are upward swinging like the front ones, I rather think these would use a gull wing type opening system like the DeLorean.

The front spoiler does actually look rather good compared to the real thing, also a rear wing was mounted on this car, only minor detail were the wheels, recently the SE style wheels and even the Roadster style wheels could be mounted on replica’s, which would certainly look better than the standard Diablo wheels seen on these images.

Probably some kind of V8 engine was mounted on this car, but nothing exact is known at this moment, at least one of these limousines was built, but if it can be ordered directly from Kirban remains to be confirmed.

If you would like more information about this special SE Limousine or a normal Diablo SE replica, feel free to contact the company at :

Kirban Customs Inc.
525 Haycock Run Road
Kintnersville, PA 18930 USA
Phone : 610-847 0955