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We’ve seen the official press photos of the DMC Aventador LP900-4 SV or Stage 2 tuning package only a few days ago. On 12-12-12 the German based high end tuner unleashed an amazing looking aero kit for the current V12 flagship from Lamborghini … only available in very limited numbers, 10 to be exact, DMC will make sure no two of these are alike, and the first Aventador we see in real life with the brand new SV style front bumper has been seen in real life already.

Back to this DMC Aventador Molto Veloce now … the owner has received the car after installing the new front bumper and didn’t waste any time showing it to the world, being based in Hong Kong we can only imagine this shot was taken at a local car show, still it is the first outing of an Aventador showing the brand new DMC SV front … and at this moment only one of these exist in the entire world!

Still we notice a few changes compared to the official press shots, the entire front bumper is made of carbon fiber, but the upper section has been color coded to the car, leaving only a lower section on the side, the larger middle fin and naturally those amazing looking upward fins in clear carbon fiber.

And here comes the first difference: check out those fins, they now show a nice Italian tricolore flag and ‘Aventador’ script … similar to the real Aventador J by the way. This small detail wasn’t used on the press photos.

Second change is the crest up front, I for one actually like the new silver finished DMC logo in the indent of the front bumper, made it look even more special, however the owner went back to the factory original Raging Bull logo … would be nice if he had a custom made logo with carbon fiber back and silver finished Bull no … but then again that could be a copyright infraction.

And the changes continue … the side mounted F1 canards to improve air flow haven’t been mounted on this specific car, the little ‘arrow’ in carbon fiber is nowhere to be seen on this photo … didn’t the owner of this Aventador like them? Who knows, at the end of the day it is still a car owned by someone who can decide just how he wants her to look … the Forgiato wheels are still there, and they are still color coded to the car … remember they were black on the press photos.

At least the car is driven, I think this DMC Aventador with SV front bumper was a serious attention grabber at this event … and if you decide to buy a Lamborghini and have it tuned like this I’m sure you don’t mind the extra attention anyway.