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We have seen photos of a grey DMC Aventador before, but today we show you some of the most amazing shots of an equally amazing looking Lamborghini after it spent some time in the Prestige Design workshop.

In fact Prestige Design is a subsidiary of Prestige Imports … or Lamborghini Miami, so you just know these people can be trusted when you ask them to create something really special, their track record speaks volumes when it comes to custom building Raging Bull models … and this specific Aventador is no excpetion to this rule.

They start with a new Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 finished in the very special Grigio Telesto shade, in fact this shade is used mostly on models like the Gallardo Superleggera and the Super Trofeo Stradale … it even adorned the very rare Murciélago LP670-4 Super Veloce China Edition back in 2010 … note that it isn’t a standard shade for the Aventador, so this shade alone already makes this Aventador something special, add the optional orange brake calipers and the base for this car was as close to perfection as it gets.

But taking delivery of this already rare Bull was only the start, this Lamborghini was destined to go way beyond ‘factory original’ … for starters a complete carbon fiber aerodynamic kit from German based DMC was ordered, including the front splitter, center section, side skirts, rear diffuser … and naturally that amazing looking clear carbon fiber rear wing in true Super Veloce style.

The grey shade on the car is just different enough for you to notice these carbon fiber add-ons at first glance, but still dark enough to avoid a heavy contrast that could make it look over the top, from the first moment this Aventador appears in the corner of your eye you just know it is different … but it might take a second look to admire just how different this DMC Aventador Molto Veloce actually is.

We all know selection a new wheel to set your Aventador even further apart from the flock is as easy as it sounds, you quickly make a wrong decision from the massive number of wheels and styles available on the market … one of the manufacturers you can hardly go wrong with it ADV.1, and the fabulous matte black wheels on this beauty come from those guys, the ADV5.1SL in the classic five spoke design look almost factory mounted, but make no mistake, these are high end custom made wheels.

You have to admit the black finish on the wheels blends in perfectly with the distinguished grey shade of the original car while the glossy, clear carbon fiber kit from DMC only adds to the almost unbelievable visual impact this Aventador puts down … if you want to turn heads for all the good reasons … this is the car to get. Don’t hesitate to check out the video below to see how it all came

I actually really like the original Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, and I’ve been told it really doesn’t need a rear wing at all because the design is already so good the extra down force only reduces top speed … but with looks like this Grigio Telesto DMC Aventador Molto Veloce … who cares if it shaves 5 or even 10km/h from the top … ever wondered how many Aventador owners will reach the 350km/h top speed on a regular basis anyway.