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We’ve seen a glossy black Lamborghini Aventador with DMC Molto Veloce kit before, but this time it looks even better as this specific Bull is rolling on a set of the new, optional Dione wheels … and I have to admit they look really good, especially in the same glossy black as the car itself and covering bright red brake calipers.

From certain angles this black Aventador created by Autoproject-D in Japan might put you on the wrong foot … you know something is different, but at first glance you might miss it … once you get a glance of that impressive Super Veloce style rear wing in clear carbon fiber you recognize it as a DMC Molto Veloce version, the by now famous styling and performance kit for the Aventador LP700-4.

The black, clear carbon fiber add-on parts from DMC just blend in perfectly with the glossy black paint … a subtle but breathtaking tuning on a not so subtle car, the DMC Molto Veloce kit doesn’t really change the original design of the Aventador, instead the lower front lip and center section fit onto the factory original bumper while the side skirts are also fitted without modifying anything on the car itself while their design still improves stability at high speeds.

At the rear we find a new lower diffuser with a modified ‘tunnel’ around the large quad exhaust pipes, finished in lightweight carbon fiber this DMC part not only looks good it actually increases down force … and talking about looks, that rear wing is just the cherry on the cake … Everybody loves the Murciélago LP670-4 Super Veloce wild styling, especially with the optional ‘large’ rear wing … and DMC took the styling of that original SV wing into Aventador territory … and it just looks amazing.

Also note all the DMC Molto Veloce tuning parts can be installed without any damage to the original car, so in case the owner or a future owner wants to bring the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 back to original factory specs it is just a matter of time needed to remove the DMC parts.

The Nero shade does hide some of the features on the beautiful Lamborghini Aventador, but still it is one of my favorite shades … I would personally go for a Bianco Canopus with the DMC Stage 3 kit on it, preferably on an Aventador Roadster … but this black one does look very interesting too, do note the owner of this car didn’t go for the engine tuning package from DMC that brings power output to 900hp … but I think 700hp will be sufficient too.