Dmc gallardo soho turns the gallardo into an lp570-4 look alike - 2004 lamborghini gallardo
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Imagine you own a stunning Lamborghini Gallardo 5.0 model from the first series, either in coupé or Spyder shape, and you actually like the model, but you feel the look is getting a bit dated with the new styling seen on the LP560-4 and more specifically the LP570-4 Superleggera edition … however you don’t feel the need to sell the car you know inside and outside and step into a new adventure by getting the more recent edition.

In this case German based DMC has just come up with the perfect solution: why not turn your classic Gallardo into an LP570-4 Superleggera look alike … the Lamborghini Gallardo SOHO by DMC brings any V10 built between 2004 and 2008 up to specs with LP570-4 DNA … 2012 looks for a fraction of the price it would take to get a new Raging Bull.

Take a look at the front bumper, this DMC unit is a complete part, it just bolts onto the original mounting points used by the original bumper but it offers additional down force coupled to the stunning looks seen on the latest Superleggera edition, and it gets even better: the entire bumper is made from carbon fiber, which can be painted to blend in with the rest of the car … or it can be left in clear carbon fiber, on a black car that would really look amazing I think.

This isn’t a unit made from glass fiber and coated in carbon fiber, these DMC parts are completely made from carbon fiber, and even if you paint them, they still remain the best quality possible … and the SOHO kit continues with nice side skirts in the same lightweight material to blend in perfectly with the high rear wing … which happens to be finished in clear carbon fiber as you might expect.

But turning one of those classic Gallardo into a 2012 look involves another rather dramatic change at the back, the entire rear section is different, including the taillights, all grilles and the lower diffuser … they all have to be mounted to get the sporty impression you need.

But outside looks are only part of the deal here, take a look at those quad exhausts … remember the original Gallardo only used one large exhaust tip left and right, the LP560-4 and LP570-4 evolution went back to four pipes, two on the left, two on the right … so the DMC Gallardo SOHO just had to get this look too.

And the silencers aren’t for looks only, the sound the Raging V10 now emits through these stainless steel units reminds us of the soundtrack usually found around the track … when one of those Super Trofeo race cars comes thundering down the straight … the hairs in your neck will stand straight and you’ll get goose bumps all over … this isn’t noise, this is a symphony of mechanical genius.

Those four pipes can even be installed with an optional catalytic converter that has been modified for a more sports like performance … adding 28 hp extra to you V10 Gallardo so your Bull not only looks like a Superleggera but almost has the same power output too.

Now when you have an exterior looking like this it would be a shame not to put some tender love and care into the interior too, DMC can replace the aging leather with brand new hides from the best Italian cows, combine it further with some beautiful carbon fiber parts and you just know your Gallardo by DMC is ready for several additional years of pleasure … even if a totally new V10 could be unveiled in 2014 you will still be enjoying your revamped Gallardo that just reached its teen years by then … and it still looks only a few years old … who wouldn’t like that?