Lamborghini DMC Gallardo – Guide

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So what happens if you have enough money in your bank account to pay for whatever idea you might have for your Lamborghini Gallardo … and the factory in Sant’Agata just said no to your request?

You turn to one of the better tuners out there and convince them to create your vision in real life … and that is exactly what happened to an anonymous Chinese customer. He asked the factory to have a genuine Murciélago Super Veloce rear wing to be mounted to his brand new Gallardo LP560-4, but this didn’t get a positive reply, Automobili Lamborghini SpA had no interest in delivering a rear wing from the limited edition Super Veloce flagship.

Now I will be among the first to agree the Murciélago LP670-4 Super Veloce is one impressive looking Raging Bull, the new Aventador might be faster … but the Super Veloce has a rough edge to it, and I know the very special look of the optional rear wing available on the SV only emphasizes that look by actually being mounted right on the edge of the rear and not on top of it like on most cars.

So this Chinese customer imagined a similar look for his V10 Gallardo LP560-4, and German based DMC was the company that could deliver his vision. However this wasn’t as easy as it sounded, simply replicating the original Murciélago SV rear wing wasn’t an option as this wouldn’t integrate seamlessly into the overall design of the Gallardo, especially the vertical struts just couldn’t be taken from the Murciélago and mounted onto the Gallardo, the entire rear section has totally different angles.

So DMC went another, more original route … the developed a Super Veloce style rear wing from scratch, using the overall looks from the factory unit but taking the design a step further so it actually fits the Gallardo, form and function at the same time.

Just like on the earlier V12 flagship this rear wing on the Gallardo sits right at the edge of the bodywork, the struts have a delicate design that reminds us of the SV wing without being a plain copy, and more importantly the entire wing, including the struts is finished in high gloss, clear carbon fiber, it might not have a massive contrast with the dark grey bodywork, but it sets this car apart from the competition just perfectly.

Do note that this rear wing is available on special request only, it is not part of an entire package offered by DMC, but it will be custom made for each car the owner wants to fit it onto … and take a look at the official press photos we received directly from DMC … this wing is also available with side plates on the outer ends … this takes the entire Gallardo SV look onto the next level.

More information on ordering this amazing piece of carbon fiber is available from