DMC Huracan LP630 Affari – Guide

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We’ve seen several 3D renderings of the Lamborghini Huracán based DMC AFFARI before, even a teaser of a very impressive rear view showing some amazing exhaust pipes has been recently published … but today some more images were shown by renowned German tuner DMC, and even details about engine tuning were published.

The DMC Huracán AFFARI (which translates from Italian into English as ‘an affair’) has been internally designated as the ‘Stage-H1’ LP630 model … in line with the evolution of the Aventador kit available from DMC … their MV (Molto Veloce) kit was also known as the Stage-1 version with the intimidating SV (Spezial Version) as Stage-2 while the Stage-3 has become the amazing looking Edizione GT … so I guess we’ll be seeing some evolution of the DMC Huracán LP630 AFFARI too from Stage-H1 to Stage-H2 and more.

For now the Stage-H1 is already dressed to impress with a new front bumper featuring air vents on the sides with an horizontal fin to act as a stabilize while below the front bumpe a set of clear carbon fiber lips are added that extend to the side with an upright fin … again making sure the DMC AFFARI is stable at high speeds.

On the sides the Lamborghini Huracán receives a set of clear carbon fiber fins with uprights both behind the front wheels and in front of the rear wheels … and once again these aren’t there for their good looks only, they actively increase down force and straight line stability … combining form and function in true Lamborghini style.

Perhaps the most impressive modification happened at the rear … not only does DMC install a high rear aerofoil wing on top of the engine cover, but they also put a new base spoiler flush with the bodywork to create a perfect airflow coming over the clear carbon fiber covered roof … add a massive lower rear diffuser and some amazing looking exhaust tips and you have a clear winner … a street legal Huracán with track inspired looks.

I’m sure you’ve understood just about every item added by DMC onto the Lamborghini Huracán is made from carbon fiber, and while most parts are added onto the existing V10 bodywork the exterior rear view mirrors are in fact replacement units, these DMC made clear carbon fiber mirrors casings completely replace the original ones.

By modifying the factory original ECU software DMC has managed to increase the power output from the base 610hp up to 630hp without even stretching the brand new V10 in any way, add the custom DMC wheels in a 20/21 inch setup (8.5×20 up front, 12×21 at the rear while the tires grow to 245/30R20 and 325/25R21 front to back) and you’ll be able to completely transform the Lamborghini Huracán into the DMC AFFARI … a wild animal for the open road.