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After the impressive success of the DMC Ommagio, Stage Two limited edition aerodynamic kit for the Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 during the 2015 Geneva Auto Show, customers have been eager to get their hands on one of these rare kits … with the first car being the Geneva show prototype, the second DMC Ommagio is being built for a customer in Xian.

Using a very nice blue metallic Lamborghini Huracán as a base, the aggressive clear carbon fiber finished front bumper is the first part of the DMC Ommagio kit that has been installed on the car, add a nice set of custom wheels into the equation and we are already looking at an amazing V10 … I can’t wait for that even more impressive rear diffuser and massive Countach inspired rear wing to be added to a set of DMC side skirts to make this DMC Ommagio number 2 a completed, limited edition exotic.

This blue Huracán has already received some personal touches like the black roof section and the black, exterior rear view mirrors … these photos are in fact rare ‘behind the scenes’ shots sent to us by DMC, they show the flawless finish on the real carbon fiber parts they use. If the customer is keeping this front bumper in clear carbon fiber isn’t mentioned, but most likely parts of it will receive the same blue paint as the rest of the car while other sections on this magnificent looking front bumper will proudly show their carbon fiber finish.