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We all know German based DMC from their impressive LP900 Molto Veloce based on the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, their tuning package includes a deeper front spoiler, nice side skirts, a different rear diffuser and a massive rear wing … and that’s just the start.

Recently we’ve received photos of an orange Aventador Molto Veloce that was rolling on Forgiato wheels, and the reactions were a bit mixed to put it mildly … and I know from DMC themselves these were a specific request from the customer, not something DMC would mount normally.

Today news reached us of something really special from DMC, they are not in the wheel producing business, but they will try to steer a customer for their impressive body kit in the right direction, and if you want something really special … look no further !

DMC now offers a beautiful, deep concave, three piece wheel in a classic ‘dual’ five spoke design from 100% forged alloy … but here comes the best part: it is gold plated ! And it isn’t even a regular plating, DMC went for a special mixture : 75% gold, 9% silver and a touch of 16% copper give an amazing, somewhat darker shade of gold with a red hue from the added copper.

Wheels like this will not appeal to everybody, and the very special shade will probably not even look good under all shades of bodywork either, but imagine it on a Bianco Canopus Aventador LP700-4 with full DMC carbon kit … and to make it easier for you I’ve created a quick mockup of how these wheels would look on the Nero Nemesis shade … just check out my virtual tuning.

More information and pricing is available directly from