Dmc lp900-4 sv limited edition aventador - lamborghini aventador sv
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German based DMC has been putting teasers online about their new Aventador kit for a while now, finally today we get to see the entire package … or to put it in the words of DMC themselves: ‘12.12.12 the Bull unleashed’.

The DMC Aventador SV is in fact an evolution of the already known Molto Veloce kit that has been available on the market for a while now, only recently a matte white Aventador was shown with the full kit at the 2012 SEMA show, receiving lots of positive comments we might add … but DMC hasn’t been standing still, they actually took the entire concept to the next level … or should we say STAGE 2 as DMC calls this evolution.

In fact the original Molto Veloce kit will now be known as the STAGE 1 kit, to which this new STAGE 2 kit can be added as some parts of the DMC Aventador SV are taken from the Molto Veloce kit with the addition of a brand new front and rear bumper … the latter are priced at 12,500 Euro each by the way.

But there is a catch … even if you have money burning a hole in your pocket you might not be able to get hold of this STAGE 2 evolution. For one the production of the both the front and rear bumper in carbon fiber is limited at ten units, which let’s face it isn’t too much … DMC wanted to keep this impressive evolution of their STAGE 1 kit very exclusive.

In fact DMC goes one step further in maintaining exclusivity for their customers … the new front and rear bumper from this STAGE 2 kit can not be ordered just like that, in fact as an owner of a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 you must have the DMC Molto Veloce kit already installed to even be able to apply for this STAGE 2 kit … and every single application will be scrutinized by DMC to ensure no two Aventador will look the same.

Requirements to be able to buy the STAGE 2 kit are based on location, owner and even shade of the Raging Bull … the car on this page is based in Hong Kong and finished in the classic Arancio Argos shade … so DMC will not sell a second kit like this in the same area to be mounted on another orange Aventador … exclusivity taken to the ultimate level.

However when you keep in mind the type of customer that would apply for this STAGE 2 kit I don’t think a full respray of the Aventador will be a problem … these people still have enough money to burn on creating a one of a kind Raging Bull anyway … or should that be one of ten?

So what makes this new DMC Aventador SV or STAGE 2 kit so special you might ask … for one just take a look at the photos, that front bumper looks like it has been taken straight from the Aventador J we’ve seen in Geneva earlier this year … naturally it isn’t a perfect replica … DMC made it even better. Sure those typical vertical fins are there, but other than that DMC continued by improving the design to create more stability and a better airflow into the large air intakes.

On the side of the new front bumper (it actually completely replaces the original bumper) DMC mounts additional ‘canards’ to create even more down force and further improve dynamics up front … the new front bumper is made completely in carbon fiber, which would look amazing on a black car I think, on this orange Aventador a large part of the unit has been color coded … the undertray and fins are still visible carbon fiber however … which looks absolutely amazing I might add.

The side sills come from the original STAGE 1 Molto Veloce kit, so we’re not going to stand still too long on them, we’ve seen them before and they look good … so we swing around to the back … to be impressed once more.

At first glance one might think the rear diffuser is the same from the Molto Veloce kit … but it isn’t, a very special modification had to be made for this STAGE 2 evolution … an additional air vent has to be inserted into the carbon fiber unit … because the new, lightweight titanium exhaust system (which sheds 90% of the original units weight at only 3.45kgs) has taken on the habit of impersonating a flamethrower … if DMC would mount the original lower diffuser on this kit the flames could damage the beautiful carbon fiber weave.

On these photos the new rear bumper still shows the clear carbon fiber finish, and it looks like it belongs this way, which is a good thing, at least the car looks right like this … I wouldn’t go as far as stating ‘factory original’ but I do think if Automobili Lamborghini SpA had the intention of putting their Aventador J look onto a production model it might look similar to this DMC Aventador SV STAGE 2.

The rear wing is still the same as used in the Molto Veloce kit … there is no need to change a winning team right, so DMC left it alone. A small detail was changed on this specific Arancio Argos model however, if you look closely at the earlier photos of this car you will notice the carbon fiber rear wing ‘sits’ on a new deck spoiler … the latter being finished in carbon fiber too.

With the massive clear carbon fiber rear section already looking very imposing DMC decided the deck spoiler should be color coded to the car again, leaving the rear wing in clear carbon fiber however … this way the ‘black rear’ is broken by a nice orange section which makes the entire section look a lot more balanced out.

Wheels are a personal statement, and the Forgiato wheels on this car remained, however the color coded spokes are now finished in fashionable black … which I have to admit does look a lot better in line with the rest of the car: you have a black front chin spoiler, black sections on the side sills and a completely black rear section … so the black wheels perfectly blend it all together.

If we read the official press release from DMC on ‘STAGE 2: The DMC Aventador LP900 SV LIMITED EDITION (10 of 10)’ we get the impression there is more to come … they list STAGE 1, STAGE 2 … but also STAGE 3 … which will be even more dramatic than this STAGE 2 … believe me, I know.

As with the STAGE 1 kit, this new STAGE 2 kit can be mounted by official DMC workshops installed worldwide, however if you would like to have the engine tuned to 900hp they strongly suggest having the car flown into the DMC workshop in Germany or Switzerland, just to make sure it all gets installed perfectly.

To increase power from 700 to 900 hp DMC goes for individual intake throttle plates for each of the 12 cylinders, new fuel pumps, fuel lines, modulators and injection nozzles replace the original parts, the ECU will be reprogrammed and a full pressure control system takes care of the engine, and after receiving a completely new wiring harness will be rebranded as an LP900 unit.

DMC aleady released a nice movie about this amazing new tuning package :

I think this STAGE 2: The DMC Aventador LP900 SV LIMITED EDITION (10 of 10) will be a big hit on the high end tuning market for the Lamborghini Aventador … just imagine how it would look on the new Roadster edition … as a matter of fact I already did.