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Due to the strong interest in DMC tuning parts in North America the German based tuner decided to open a dedicated ‘Lamborghini Tuning’ showroom in Manhattan, New York. Located at 11th Avenue this showcase of high end tuning is right in the center of the luxury retailers in the area.

To make sure the opening didn’t go by without being noticed DMC put their stunning looking Lamborghini Gallardo Toro on display, finished in red with the tuning parts in clear carbon fiber, the Toro is a perfect telltale of the quality DMC is able to offer for the most demanding customers, both new and old clients are welcome at the showroom in Manhattan.

On the Gallardo Toro we find a new front spoiler lip, beautiful side skirts and a high rear spoiler sitting on the DMC scripted struts, and these parts not only look good, they also increase stability at high speed, when the sound of the Titav Engineering developed Titanium exhaust system reaches a thundering height. Inside you are welcomed by the finest Italian leather, awesome alcantara trim and naturally carbon fiber.

To get the best exposure possible DMC managed to get their showroom located at Manhattan Motorcars, who happen to be the official Lamborghini dealership for the region … talk about a boost of confidence about DMC tuning parts.