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While other tuners are still in the design phase and can only show either virtual renders or ‘in progress’ shots of the base car being scanned renowned German exotic car tuner DMC has already completed an entire aerodynamic kit for the brand new Lamborghini Huracan … and not only produced it in clear carbon fiber … but also have it installed on a stunning Verde Mantis V10.

DMC has been working hard on the design, development and finally the actual production of a complete aerodynamic kit for the very successful Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4, and they managed to have the full kit mounted onto a customer car complete with custom DMC wheels.

Named the DMC Huracan Affari this kit is in fact only the first step from these German high end tuners, just like on their Aventador series of kits there will be more aggressively styled versions later on … this Affari is Stage1 in the development and comes complete with front splitters, special vents to be mounted on the side of the front bumper, side sills, rear lower diffuser and an amazing looking rear wing … most of these parts are finished in clear carbon fiber on this first customer car.

But that’s not even the whole kit, check out the engine cover of this car, sure it is the standard unit with the louvers instead of the optional glass unit, but DMC still turned it into something really special by adding two fins that run from the end of the roof right into the struts of the rear wing, finished in clear carbon fiber … but the owner of this car wanted to have them color coded to the rest of the green bodywork.

And if that’s not even enough attention to detail DMC went one step further for this Huracan Affari kit … take a close look at the rear section between the bumper and the taillights … there is a magnificent looking DMC embossed logo and insets now, while the section between the taillights is showing a clear carbon fiber finish too … absolutely stunning.

With that aggressive DMC Huracan Affari styling it would be almost a crime not to install a nice set of wheels onto this green Bull, so the owner opted for a set of personalized DMC wheels … the center section boasts a nice glossy finish while the outer rim shows a matte, brushed look … very innovative and it looks perfect on this car.

Just to make things even more interesting DMC has just launched two teaser videos showing more about this first DMC Huracan Affari : Teaser A and Teaser B … enjoy …