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The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 is the current V12 flagship made in Sant’Agata, and it has the power to go with the looks if you ask me, this lady can accelerate like a bat from hell … if I remember correctly I also said this about the Murciélago, which was a bat actually, but the Aventador is on a totally different level.

The handling of the Lamborghini Aventador is stupendous, with the race inspired suspension setup and the carbon monocoque this is one Raging Bull that is able to put down the power it derives from that brand new V12 engine, but some of the people that already took delivery of this brand new Bull did have a feeling something went missing along the way.

The Aventador sounds like a near perfect super car … and I intended to use ‘sound’ here … which is exactly what is missing somewhat, several Aventador buyers have been long term Lamborghini owners, they had cars like the Murciélago, the Diablo, the Countach and some even go back to the Miura … all masterpieces of their time with the V12 closely behind your back … and one making even more music than the other.

Remember the symphony of the Miura with those four tripple Weber intakes, or the raw hurling of a Countach engine, the howl of a Diablo and the thunder and lightning effect from a Murciélago Super Veloce engine?

And now you sit behind the steering wheel of the latest and bravest from Sant’Agata … and it just doesn’t sound as impressive as it looks … time for DMC to supply the solution : a new exhaust system made from Titanium that has no problem emiting such a low grunt, demon like scream it will cause alarm systems to shudder in fear and activate their sirens in response.

DMC didn’t create a totally new exhaust system but improved what was already there, making it sound as nasty as the car looks, and by using the expensive lightweight titanium it even makes the car faster: less weight equals higher speed … a fact of life for race car development. As this improved titanium made DMC exhaust system doesn’t restrict the flow of hot air into the atmosphere outside it even increases horsepower … from the original 700 hp you now get 715 Raging Bulls waiting to stampede down the open road.

We actually know that this exhaust system is only the first step towards a very special styling package DMC is developing for the Lamborghini Aventador … we’ll bring you the scoop on what is brewing in Deusseldorf, Germany over the next few weeks.