Driving a countach qv

I love the Lamborghini Countach, I’m the generation that had a poster of this very car on my bedroom wall. I can confirm that it was the Countach that started my interest in Lamborghini as a car builder, getting to know more about Ferruccio Lamborghini and how he started the company back in 1963, only to create what might be the most beautiful and sensual-looking car ever, which also became known as the first supercar in the world, the legendary Lamborghini Miura, only to move forward with a highly futuristic-looking supercar in the Seventies … when we got the first ‘Lamborghini doors’ on the fantastic Countach.

Driving a countach qv 1
1986 lamborghini countach qv – photo copyright jayemm on cars youtube

And while many owners and enthusiasts out there prefer the narrow-body Countach LP400, the original car, I’m more interested in the versions with the wide wheel arches and the, let’s face it, useless rear wing … but it looks great nonetheless, and among those ‘winged’ Countach, it’s the later QuattroValvole which I like the most, it is also one of the highest production versions, but I just think a pre-1988 1/2 version with a rear wing is the ultimate Countach for me, personally I don’t like the ‘streaked’ side sills on the 1988 1/2 models, nor the restyle of the 25th Anniversary edition, it’s just too smooth, the QV still has that angular styling I like best.

But let’s take a look at what JayEmm on Cars, a YouTube channel with over 200k subscribers, thinks about driving my dream car … some say it’s never a good idea to meet your dreams in real life, but I still wouldn’t mind having a Countach QV parked in my garage … with the emphasis on ‘parked’, as for one these have become really valuable, and secondly … I’m too tall to fit in it anyway, but onto the video now: