Revving Artistry: The Exclusive Ducati and Automobili Lamborghini Collaboration Unveiled

Merging High-Octane Performance with Unparalleled Artistry

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In an unprecedented fusion of art and automotive engineering, Ducati and Automobili Lamborghini have embarked on a collaborative journey, celebrating the visionary art of Paolo Troilo. This Ducati and Automobili Lamborghini Collaboration has transformed two iconic models into unparalleled masterpieces, showcasing the symbiotic relationship between high-performance vehicles and fine art. The exhibition “Art of creating Myths,” held at Galleria Cavour, Bologna, is a testament to this unique synthesis, where art and motors converge in perfect harmony.

Ducati and Automobili Lamborghini Collaboration: The Essence

Ducati and automobili lamborghini collaboration

At the heart of this collaboration lies the exhibition “Art of creating myths” — a showcase within the prestigious Arte Fiera Bologna. The event at Galleria Cavour unveiled two remarkable creations: a Lamborghini Huracán EVO, christened “Minotauro,” and a Ducati Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini, named “Centauro.” Both vehicles, belonging to a single collector, epitomize the fusion of artistic expression and automotive innovation, embodying a perfect synthesis of art and motors.

Paolo Troilo: The Artist Behind the Masterpieces

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Born in 1972 in Taranto, Paolo Troilo is acclaimed for his hyperrealist fingerpainting technique, which he used to bring to life the “Minotauro” and “Centauro.” Troilo’s artistry is not confined to traditional canvases; instead, it extends to the dynamic surfaces of Lamborghini and Ducati, transforming these iconic models into living, breathing works of art. His work on the Huracán EVO and Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini transcends mere decoration, offering a profound narrative on power, dynamism, and emotion.

Unveiling the Masterpieces

The Huracán EVO “Minotauro” and Ducati Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini “Centauro” are not mere vehicles but canvases for Troilo’s vision. The “Minotauro” portrays the fusion of man, machine, and myth, with Troilo’s fingerprints weaving a tale of indomitable strength and spirit across the Huracán EVO’s sleek contours. Similarly, the “Centauro” encapsulates the essence of speed, freedom, and raw power, symbolizing the unparalleled synergy between the artist’s vision and Ducati’s engineering prowess.

Symbolism and Inspiration Behind the Artworks

Troilo’s “Minotauro” delves deep into the mythological, intertwining the symbolic bull of Lamborghini with the virility and force of the male form. This artwork reflects the artist’s impressions and emotions experienced behind the wheel of the Huracán EVO, a vehicle that stands as a modern-day chariot of the gods. The “Centauro,” on the other hand, captures the essence of the Ducati Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini, embodying the spirit of the centaur — half-man, half-beast, all speed.

The Venue: Galleria Cavour’s Role


Galleria Cavour, an emblem of luxury and exclusivity in Bologna, provided the ideal backdrop for this exhibition. Its significance extends beyond mere location, symbolizing the intersection of art, luxury, and culture. This prestigious venue, nestled in the city’s heart, offered a fitting stage for unveiling Troilo’s masterpieces, drawing art fans and automotive enthusiasts alike.

Leadership Perspectives


The collaboration was further highlighted by Stephan Winkelmann and Claudio Domenicali, CEOs of Automobili Lamborghini and Ducati, respectively. Their shared vision for this project underscores the deep-rooted connection between the brands, which are global ideals of Italian excellence and innovation. This partnership not only celebrates the artistic genius of Paolo Troilo but also reaffirms the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and excellence.

The Confluence of Art and Automotive Excellence

This collaboration between Ducati, Automobili Lamborghini, and Paolo Troilo vividly demonstrates how art can transcend traditional mediums and embrace the technological marvels of the modern age. It challenges preconceived notions of what art can be, inviting viewers to see beyond the surface and appreciate the deeper connections between creativity, engineering, and emotion.

Public Reception and Exhibition Details

The “Art of Creating Myths” exhibition has been met with widespread acclaim, offering a rare glimpse into the fusion of automotive design and fine art. It is open until February 5th at Galleria Cavour and is free to attend. It presents a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to experience the convergence of two worlds that have never been closer.

Our Thought..


The Ducati and Automobili Lamborghini Collaboration and Paolo Troilo represent a landmark moment in the worlds of art and automotive design. It reflects a shared ethos of innovation, excellence, and a passion for transcending the ordinary. As these masterpieces stand on display, they invite us to reimagine the boundaries of creativity, proving that the spirit of innovation knows no bounds.

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