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We have seen a few 3D renders from Duke Dynamics on the Lamborghini Huracánbefore, but today this Canadian company can show us their Aero kit for the V10 Bull in real life, installed on a very nice Huracan wrapped in Verde Scandal currently located in Korea.

The Duke Dynamics Aero kit for the Lamborghini Huracán comes with a new front spoiler to be mounted underneath the original bumper, a set of side sills that fix under the car and a rear wing that comes complete with a mounting plate replacing the original rear ducktail on the Huracán … all parts are made from carbon fiber.

The lower front fin follows the design of the original bumper, but moved the edge further forward while the sides show a vertical stabilization fin, finished in clear carbon fiber with a nice green pinstripe in true Veneno style, this front bumper extension makes the Huracán look a lot more aggressive … just beware of those sidewalk … they might ruin the fin being lower than original.

The side sills are also finished in clear carbon fiber with an upright fin just behind the front wheels and ahead of the rear wheels … in this case again finished with a nice green pinstripe along the bottom.

At the rear Duke Dynamics really innovates with their new carbon fiber wing, the upright fins get a very nice Italian tricolore decal while the green pinstripe returns here too … but the rear wing comes as a complete package that includes the wing itself, the two struts and the bottom plate … the latter one completely replaces the rear section between the taillights of the Huracan.

Looks like this Verde Mantis Huracán also received a new set of wheels, high gloss black with a green pinstripe to complement the green lines on the aero kit, also note the strategically placed matte black sections on the bodywork … inside the front air intakes, in the side intakes and the top of the rear view mirrors … a very nice touch.

The Duke Dynamics Aero Kit for the Lamborghini Huracán sure looks nice, if it will be distinctive enough to claim a part of the ever growing tuning scene for the V10 made in Sant’Agata will remain to be seen, but some healthy competition never hurt the customer … and just in case you are wondering, Duke Dynamics is working on a similar Aero Kit for the V12 flagship, the Aventador.