Lamborghini edo gallardo lp600/4 - 2010 lamborghini gallardo

What if a standard, factory tune Gallardo LP560-4 just isn’t enough for you ? Fear not as Edo Competition has just the right answer for you, why not bring your Gallardo for a small cure ?

Once completed you will receive a V10 super car with no less than 600 Bhp at 7970 Rpm combined with a torque of 572 Nm at 6845 … no small feat that is accomplished by mounting a special Edo sport exhaust system and remapping the ECU.

Now these figures may not say much, ok 600 Bhp sounds a lot, but the SuperVeloce has 670 Bhp, but look at these numbers : a top speed of 340 Km/h (that’s 212 Mph) and an acceleration from standstill to 100 Km/h in a mere 3.5 seconds … that’s race territory mind you. And it gets even better, in a little over 10 seconds you have reached 200 Km/h … in a car that doesn’t even look so much different compared to the original LP560-4 that takes 11.7 seconds to reach 200 Km/h.

Naturally Edo Competition can install lots of other nice features on the Gallardo, like a button to adjust the exhaust sound level, or a front spoiler in either Fiberglass or real Carbon, naturally the original wheels can be painted in just about any color while a nice set of 19-inch, three-piece racing wheels are also listed on the option sheet.

You can even order artificially aged cast center-section on these hand-polished outer rims using 39 stainless steel screws, these are wrapped with Dunlop Sport Maxx tires at 235/35 ZR 19 at the front and 305/30 ZR 19 at the back … and you can even order a tire pressure monitoring system that will not only show you the individual tire pressure, but also the temperature per tire.

Naturally you can complete the installation with a set of Edo sport suspension that is individually adjustable, so you can set up your car just the way you like it.